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Atlas Games

Sure, D&D takes players into a medieval world and may sometimes have, like,dinosaurs around. But what if you want to go back much, much further and have dinosaurs pretty much everywhere? I mean, t
I got my first ever cat back in October. Actually, it found me. So, now, I'm finally further understanding everything about cats that all my friends have been talking about for years. But you don't ha
Gloom is a card game all about gothic despair as a cursed family meets their untimely ends. It's a lot of fun, honestly. And now, Atlas Games is running a Kickstarter for Gloomier: A Night at Hemlock
There's problems out in the world. Problems like witches. Problems like aliens. Problems like hyper-intelligent raccoons. And modern problems call for modern solutions. I mean, of course, magical kitt
You've played Gloom. You've watched Game of Thrones. You've probably thought about how, with all the tragedy in the show (or book series, I know you're out there, too), that it'd make a great base for
All of us wish we could use magic. You might not originally agree to that statement, but come on. We've all been stuck in traffic, wishing we could fly our car over everyone else's, or just make every
Atlas Games is running through stretch goals like crazy over on their Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the campaign:The gates to the Barbarian Borderlands pop-up juncture have been blown of
Atlas Games has a Kickstarter campaign going for Fung Shui 2, their action movie RPG where you "Kick butt, blow things up, and save the world."They're closing in on 10x funded, so be sure to check out
Atlas Games is proud to release the Wanton Role-Playing System (or Warp to friends). Check it out.From the release:Atlas Games is pleased to announce that the rules system for the Over the Edge RPG ha