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Artipia Games

The Pursuit of Happiness puts you in charge of a character that you'll form their entire life, looking to live the best one you can for them. The game has a deluxe, big-box edition up on Kickstarter n
Want to get some cool games from Indie Boards and Cards and Stronghold Games all for a really low price? Don't really care what you get as long as you get something cool? Well, then I've got the sale
One of my pre-TGN jobs was that I worked as a supervisor for Environmental Services at a hospital. And trust me, they can be extremely hectic places where every second counts. Doctors and nurses must
No, it's not a game about Geddy Lee diagnosing your stomach pains. Let's just get that out of the way. I used to work in a hospital. And, yeah, it can be a really hectic, crazy place. When something
Life is full of a lot of things that happen to you all the time. From little thing to big things, these experiences shape us into who we are. And that's what the Experiences expansion for The Pursuit
The future is not set in stone. It can be changed and altered depending on what we do now in the present. If someone had the ability to look into the future, they could perhaps alter their path in ord
CMON and Artipia Games are joining together to release a new version of Project: ELITE. The game, first released in 2016, is getting a bit of an update, with rules changes suggested over the past coup
Artipia Games will be returning this August to Kickstarter to relaunch their A Thief's Fortune card game. In the game, players take on aspects of the same thief. There's many potential paths for what
You've had your appetizer, soup, and main course. But I hope you've left some room for dessert!That's where you're headed with Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake, the new expansion from Artipia Games. It int
Hello, Saturday. How are you? I'm alright. Still a little sick. Bit of a lingering cough, but I'm working through it. So no gaming will be had by me today (I'm actually just contemplating a nap). But
With just a couple days left in 2017, AEG has updated their website with a look at some recent and upcoming releases. Looking for a way to spend that holiday money or just trying to find a new game to
*puts on Elton John garb*Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!Saturday! Saturday! Saturday night's alright!Ok, so it's not actually Saturday night yet, but it will be soon (well,
I'm a city boy, through and through. However, my dad's side of the family, up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, did introduce me to the more agricultural living side of things. I've had days feeding cows,
Hey there everyone,We've made it to Saturday, so that once again means it's time for a Review Roundup. A bit lighter this week than usual. I'm sure that's due to Gen Con last weekend. I expect, though
Dice City... sounds like a paradise (paradice?) for a gamer... or an alternate name for Vegas. But really, it's a new game that AEG has just announced. In the game, the Queen of Rolldovia has decided
Artipia Games is in their final hours on Kickstarter for Project: ELITE. And by "Final Hours" I really mean just a couple left to go. Sometimes you see someone say "final hours" and it's like "final 1
Artipia Games' Project: Elite has made more than 4x their funding goal over on Kickstarter. They've made it through various stretch goals, but this one's a biggie. Backers can now add the Adrenaline e
Artipia Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Project: ELITE, their new real-time sci-fi board game. A game of Projet: ELITE takes just 30-45min. The game consists of numerous 2-minute rou
Artipia Games is running a Kickstarter for Lap Dance (CinemaSins can't ding this one for not having one), their new card game.And there's no nudity, but it may not be the best thing to be looking over
Artipia Games has launched a Kickstarter in order to fund an expansion for their Among the Stars game. The expansion's called The Ambassadors.From the campaign:After a devastating war, peace is declar
Among the Stars is a new board game over on IndieGoGo. Check it out and maybe pledge a couple of bucks.From the campaign:Story: After a devastating war, peace is declared among all the major races of
Artipia Games have launched their funding campaign for their new board game called Briefcase:From their post:Briefcase is a deck building and resource management game for 2-4 players. Visit our campa
Artipia Games are now accepting pre-orders for their Drum Roll boardgame. From their announcement: Drum Roll is now available for pre-order through the Artipia Games online store. Preordering end o
Artipia Games have posted a PDF of the English rules (PDF link) for their upcoming Drum Roll boardgame. From their announcement: The English rulebook of the upcoming board game Drum Roll has been rel