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On the Origin of Species is one of the most-important bits of scientific literature ever written. Will the board game based on it be one of the most-important board games of all time? Well, we don't know yet, because the Kickstarter campaign is only just running now. But it may be. Join Darwin on the HMS Beagle and find connections between different flora and fauna.

The couple political games we've seen crop up lately have specifically parodied the current presidential election. But what if you're not in the US and really don't feel like you have a specific connection to one of the candidates running? Well, you can look to Corrupted Kingdoms, a new card game that is a new political card game set in a fantasy world. The game is up on Kickstarter now and looking for funding love.
Friday, glorious gatekeeper to the weekend. For many of us, just a couple more hours until we, giddy as schoolchildren, run out of our offices and into several blissful days of doing... just... whatever the hell we want.
Friday also means a bit of a smorgasbord of bite-sized stories we've collected.

In this batch we have: Artana Launches The Best Damn Gaming Coins Ever...Two Kickstarter, Dungeon Crawler Minis Kickstarter: The Behemoth, DrunkQuest Kickstarter Stretch Goals announced, Imaginative Miniatures New Releases, Releases for September from The Ion Age, Alkemny's Kickstarter to Launch Next Month, Warsenal Limited Edition Unit Markers for Infinity, Dark Art Studios Posts Autumn Releases, Khurasan releases 18mm WSS Austrians/Imperials, and Brigade Models Release 15mm Indonesian Grav Tanks.

I just paid my electric bill the other day. With this Atlanta heat, it put a small dent in my Gen Con spending budget. However, I still might have enough to pick up Tesla vs. Edison, the first game from Artana. They'll be at the show with a limited number of copies. So hopefully all of you reading this won't beat me to it. And yes, I realize I could've chosen to not post that they would be at the show, thus increasing my chances to get a copy of the game, but what sort of newsman would that make me?
Artana LLC is running a Kickstarter campaign for Tesla vs. Edison, their new board game. Players play as investors and must compete for electrical contracts across the US. By backing your chosen inventor, plus other scientists and visionaries of the era, will your company pave the way into the new century?
The campaign is already more than 4x funded, with still 21 days left to go on the clock.

From the campaign:
We've made it to another Wednesday. And at the time of this posting, it's halfway through the workday. It's like the Wednesday of hours on the Wednesday of days. If only it were the 15th of the month, too. Then it'd be the Wednesday of the month on the Wednesday of the week on the Wednesday of the hour.
... or maybe I'm just taking things too far now.

Anyway, we've got another bunch of bite-sized stories we've collected.

This installment we have: The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic about Tesla vs. Edison, Kromlech gives you the bird, New 2mm Coastal Items from Brigade Models, Special Deal on Pulp Figures from Sally 4th, Pretty Pretty Pictures & Shipping Update for Super Dungeon Explore, MiniWorlds: Finally Mini-Texture arrived, Dies Irae news from Tercio Creativo, Rebel Minis Releases More 15mm Pulp Packs, Ral Partha Europe Miniatures Sci-fi Amphibians kickstarter now live, New Print-and-Play Cedar Mountain Board Game from Wargame Shop, Mage Company Previews 12 Realms: bedtime Story Kickstarter, Deep-Cut Studio releases new sandy desert theme mats, Big Book of Bloodlines Kickstarter launches, Embers Design Studios Launches The City of Brass web-based tabletop RPG app Kickstarter, 15mm Fantasy Buildings pre-order offer at, Open Combat hits initial funding level, and the Figopedia now available from Figone.