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Ars Victor

Ars Victor is headed to Pacificon and is hold their grand tourney, with cash prizes for winners.SourceFrom the announcement:Want to try a new game and have a chance to win $500 in cash prizes? Come pl
Ars Victor is now available for pre-sale over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:Did you miss out on last summer's ARS VICTOR Kickstarter campaign? Weep no longer! You can now pre-order your
Trip West Games has made it to their funding goal for Ars Victor. Their campaign ends tomorrow, so how many stretch goals can they get through?From the update:LESS THAN TWO DAYS to get your very own A
Crits Happen posted up a video preview of Ars Victor.From the video:"Tox" from CritsHappen takes the Ars Victor claim of "The One-Hour Wargame" and puts it to the test.
Ars Victor expanded their Kickstarter campaign, literally, by offering a double-wide board as a new add-on.From the update:Ars Victor, the one hour wargame, now offers the DOUBLE-WIDE Add-On in its Ki
Trip West Games has launched their Kickstarter project for Ars Victor.From the campaign:Ars Victor is a fast-paced, tense, two-player boardgame of tactical combat. You command a furious fighting force