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Ars Victor

Ars Victor is headed to Pacificon and is hold their grand tourney, with cash prizes for winners.



From the announcement:

Want to try a new game and have a chance to win $500 in cash prizes? Come play Ars Victor over Labor Day weekend at Pacificon 2014 in Santa Clara, CA!

ARS VICTOR: The One-Hour Wargame is a two-player sci-fi tactical game reminiscent of Memoir 44, Battlelore, and the Command & Colors games. Use a card-driven command point system to drive your custom army made from twenty-four different units to crush your enemies with the cunning use of twelve battle dice!

Friendly refs will get you started with our quick video tutorial and intro missions. Every game you play helps you win, and you can play as much as you want! The top players will face off on Sunday for the cash prizes.

This all-weekend event has no entry fee or purchase requirements. It is open to all Pacificon attendees. You may purchase a special Ars Victor Limited Access pass for a reduced rate.

Ars Victor is now available for pre-sale over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Did you miss out on last summer's ARS VICTOR Kickstarter campaign? Weep no longer! You can now pre-order your very own ARS VICTOR LIMITED EDITION today.

The ARS VICTOR LIMITED EDITION contains the base game, plus SIXTY additional units from the unreleased ANCIENT HEGEMONY expansion. At the time of this release, we have a little over 1500 games left. When these are gone, we won't be printing more! You will have to purchase the ARS VICTOR base game and the ANCIENT HEGEMONY expansion separately.
Trip West Games has made it to their funding goal for Ars Victor. Their campaign ends tomorrow, so how many stretch goals can they get through?

From the update:

LESS THAN TWO DAYS to get your very own Ars Victor! We are FUNDED, we've hit our first STRETCH GOAL, and we've unlocked THREE new units. A $50 pledge gets you the base game, all the stretch rewards, and includes shipping!

Ars Victor is a two-player game of sci-fi tcombat. Scout the battlefield and deploy your Vanguard. Play your Command Cards to move your units and crush your enemy. A tense, fast-paced wargame that can be completed in an hour!

You have until Saturday, 10 PM Pacific, to get in on this fully-funded Kickstarter campaign. The game will be available for retail sale at the beginning of next year.

Crits Happen posted up a video preview of Ars Victor.

From the video:

"Tox" from CritsHappen takes the Ars Victor claim of "The One-Hour Wargame" and puts it to the test.

Ars Victor expanded their Kickstarter campaign, literally, by offering a double-wide board as a new add-on.

From the update:

Ars Victor, the one hour wargame, now offers the DOUBLE-WIDE Add-On in its Kickstarter Campaign! Learn more about about this game, and see the great reviews its getting

Trip West Games has launched their Kickstarter project for Ars Victor.

From the campaign:

Ars Victor is a fast-paced, tense, two-player boardgame of tactical combat. You command a furious fighting force OF THE FUTURE against a ferocious foe. Recruit your armies. Scout out a unique map. Draw a hand of Command Cards. Deploy your Vanguard. The battle is joined!