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Army Creator

Don't know about you, but this week seemed to rocket by for me. Just, zip, zip, zoom! And here we are at Friday. Woot!That means we get ourselves a Friday Snippets feature. So here's some bite-sized s
We've had the Age of Sigmar rules for a couple days now. It seems to be dividing the gaming community pretty heavily. Some aren't very happy with the new rules, while others thing it brings back some
D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide
Capitan Games gives you a new way to create and manage your Divisional Commander forces with their free online army builder program. Players can create their armies and even keep a record of matches w
BattleScribe rings in the new year with a sale. They want you to be able to track your collections, create armies, and compare stats with their product, and they're taking half off the price in order
Battlefront has released their Forces of War army-creator website for Flames of War. Now you can quickly, easily, and electronically create, track, and make sure you're using the correct rules for you
Capitan Games has some news about their Divisional Commander army-creator program as well as their Malburian Commander book.SourceFrom the update:DIVISIONAL COMMANDER NEWSOnline Army Builder In a shor
BattleScribe Army List Creator has version 1.15.00 now available to use.SourceFrom the update:BattleScribe 1.15.00 is now out, bringing a big overhaul of the printout when viewing your roster. The out
BattleScribe has redesigned the layout for the mobile version of their army creator program. Go have a look.SourceFrom the update:As of versions 1.14.06 on Android and 1.14.07 on iOS, BattleScribe Mob
Army Builder, the popular army-creations program, has been updated with BattleTech: Alpha Strike information. Go and get your update now.SourceFrom the announcement:Alpha Strike is a new, fast-playing
BattleScribe has their BattleScribe Pro program on sale for half price over in their webshop.SourceFrom the sales sheet:To bring in the new year, BattleScribe Pro will be half price for the first week
BattleScribe has a new update for their army creator software available.SourceFrom the update:The latest version of BattleScribe is now available. BattleScribe is a powerful, universal army list build
BattleScribe updated their software and how supports Dropbox (I love that program) integration for your rules and stats.SourceFrom the update:The latest version of BattleScribe (an army list creator f
BattleScribe Army List Creator has released version 1.13.07 of their program.From the update:BattleScribe is a fast and powerful army list creator for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. Easily crea
Mechworld is back and has a new Full Thrust shipbuilder program you can use to help out making new ships for the game.From the announcement:The time has come! We are relaunching our communitypage and
eKoW, the online army creator program for Kings of War, now support the Ogres faction.From the update:eKoW online (the army creator assistant for Kings of War) now supports the Ogre army list released
BattleScribe has the latest version of their army creator program now available.From the release:BattleScribe is a fast and powerful army list creator for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. Easily
Battle Group Builder is a free to use force creator program you can use to make up your Battle Group Overlord armies.From the announcement:A community effort free on-line force builder has been releas
Army Builder now supports Bolt Action and Pike & Shotte.From the update:Dom Hine of the Army Builder community volunteered to help us and through his hard work and diligence not only has he made the a
Dark Age army management program Dark Prevailer is now available for the iOS platform.From the update:Dark Prevailer for iOS, a mobile app supporting Dark Age, is now available, for free, from the App
Mythacle, the army creator and collection manager tools site, has added Raiding Parties to their list of supported game systems.From the announcement:Today, another game joins our growing family of ga
Play Unplugged has a slightly different review today with a look into Army Builder, the program that helps you ... build armies..."Why do they call him 'the bullet dodger'?"Because he dodges bullets,
Army Builder now has Bolt Action as part of the suite.From the announcement:A few weeks ago Dom Hine of the Army Builder community volunteered to get onboard with us and through his hard work and dili
BattleScribe, the army list creator, has released their newest version.From the update:BattleScribe is a fast and powerful army list builder for tabletop wargamers. Quickly and easily design your army
Serious Lemon has updated the web resources for Realm Fantasy Warfare including new downloadable tokens, a force generator and a Facebook page.From the update:Hi all. I wanted to share an update on ho
The Black Ocean has updated their Army Builder Data Files for the new Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games.That really is a mouthful. But the title is not the important part. Wha