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Armchair General

Armchair General takes a look at the X-Wing minis game from Fantasy Flight Games an gives you their impressions of it.From the's review of the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Ga
Armchair General put up a review of Ares Games' Wings of Glory WWII Bombers set. See what they thought.From the review:Armchair General reviews the first releases of the long-awaited medium bomber min
Armchair General posted up their thoughts on the Dungeon Command sets available from Wizards of the Coast.An Armchair General review of the new D&D tactical combat system that revitalizes D&D Miniatur
ArmChair General got themselves a snazzy new website. Go have a look-see.They're also taking pre-orders for their It Came From Beyond The Still minis game.From the announcement:We have recently relaun
Armchair General reviewed WWII Barbarossa 1941's expansion including the Danube campaign.From the reviews Zvezda's World War II Operation Barbarossa 1941 and its first expan
Armchair General has a review of Warlords of Europe up on their website. Go see how it works.From the review:Armchair General reviews Warlords of Europe, a boardgame of medieval conquest with nicely s
Armchair General gives us a fine review of Lost Reich.Armchair General review of Lost Reich science-fiction miniatures rules and the inexpensive cardboard miniatures used in the game.
Armchair General has an interview with Ares Games' Roberto di Meglio about their Wings of Glory series.Roberto di Meglio, editor and supervisor of the Wings of Glory product line from Ares Games talks
Armchair General gives us a review of WWII miniatures wargame Wings of Glory by Ares Games.Armchair General looks inside the Wings of Glory - World War II starter set to see what's different and what'
Armchair General gives us a review of Axis & Allies Air Force collectable miniatures game.From the review:Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures: Angels 20 makes sure no two dogfights are the same. The ga
The Armchair General website has posted a three page article looking at the Leviathans demo games held at GenCon 2011.