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Arkham Horror

Fantasy Flight is pairing up with a couple of expansions for the Arkham Horror LCG. They're separate but related sets. They're The Scarlet Keys and you can get a look at both of them in this preview.
Lots of new releases today to talk about. Not to be left out of the equation is Fantasy Flight. They've got 3 new products you can get, each for a different line. First is their A Game of Thrones B'tw
A new scenario pack for the Arkham Horror LCG is now available from Fantasy Flight Games. Can the investigators figure out what's happening in Machinations Through Time and stop the elder gods from de
Life has been hard for Wendy Adams. She had to get by with what she could scrape together on the streets after leaving the orphanage. But when she's given a mysterious photograph of her father, things
Antarctica is the last, greatest unexplored territory on Earth. And... maybe it should've stayed that way. Dire things are happening among the snowdrifts. Explore this desolate and dangerous region in
Antarctica is the Earth's last frontier. It can seem like you're headed onto a new planet down there. And, considering the alien life that resides there, you might as well be. But that's where you're
A pair of rather different releases for you this week from Fantasy Flight. On one hand, you have Unfathomable, a new horror board game about being out at sea when eldritch horrors attack. The other is
When the work (and person) of a Nobel Award-winning scientist goes missing, it's up to the investigators to find out what happened. It might even involve going back in time. That's what's happening in
Every year, Fantasy Flight gets spoopy with their Arkham Nights event. This year is no different. They've posted up a schedule of events so you can make sure you're ready to go and get scared.
The forces of the elder gods are continually trying to infiltrate, corrupt, and destroy the world. It's up to intrepid investigators to keep them at bay. And now, they're getting an update. There's a
There's a new expansion available for the Arkham Horror LCG from Fantasy Flight. It's The Circle Undone. You can head over to your LGS or favorite online retailer and get your copy today.
Crossing the Atlantic is a treacherous ordeal when there's evil cultists about looking to make sacrifices to their dark gods. But that's where you find yourself in Unfathomable, a new board game comin
A ship caught out at sea. Few locations can be more isolating. It's onto this terribly claustrophobic location that you find yourself in Unfathomable, a new game in the Arkham Horror universe coming s
In order to keep a game nicely balanced and flowing well when played, sometimes updates must be made. All the playtesting a company can do doesn't compare to the thousands of games it gets when releas
Just outside of reality as we know it are entire other dimensions of existence filled with horrors ready to warp your mind as well as rip you limb from limb. At least, that's what's going on in Arkham
We've seen some Print and Play resources from Fantasy Flight lately, here's a grouping of them in case you missed them as part of their Play-and-Share Campaign. You can get cards for Marvel Champions,
Want to get some new content for your Arkham Horror: The Card Game collection? Don't feel like heading out to the LGS or waiting on the delivery person to bring it to you, though? Good news! You don't
The newest expansion for the Arkham Horror Card Game is now available from Fantasy Flight Games. Stroll on down the boulevards in French Hill where things aren't all as they seem. This new big set can
Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new board game set in the Arkham Horror Universe. It's called Unfathomable and it takes players onto the SS Atlantica, a ship trying to make it across the Atlantic
I don't get to Antarctica much (being "No Bear Land" as it is). But you'll be headed there if you pick up either of the upcoming expansions for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. You thought eldritch horro
A pair of new decks are available from Fantasy Flight Games this week. You can head over and pick up a new set for both the Legend of the Five Rings LCG and the Arkham Horror LCG.
French Hill always seemed like a rather quaint neighborhood. However, nothing in Arkham is quite as it seems. Underneath the fine veneer is the horrors of the Underworld. And that's where you'll be he
A trio of new LCG sets are available from Fantasy Flight. They've got the new Wasp set for Marvel Champions, along with a new play mat featuring her. There's also a new Arkham Horror as well as Legend
Fantasy Flight has a whole bunch of releases they put up on store shelves over the weekend. There's the new starter sets as well as fighter packs and other supplements for Star Wars: Armada, bringing
Fantasy Flight Games has a new batch of card sets available now. If you're a fan of Marvel Champions, you can pick up the Ant Man hero Pack now. There's also a new set for Arkham Horror and Legend of