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Even though I briefly thought that yesterday was Thursday when it's only Tuesday, I still found myself waking up this morning and going, "Wednesday already? Nice." So... time. *shrugs* But, seeing as
Thursday. Considering how wonky the work week felt at the beginning, it seems to be evening out. Yesterday felt like a Wednesday. I can say that today fairly well feels like a Thursday. I guess that's
Middle of the week already? Seems to be going by rather quickly for me. Not a complaint, of course. I'm as ready as ever for the weekend. But we've still got work to do. In order to make sure we have
It's getting cooler outside and I've got my Type O Negative playlist going. It's time for some spooky fun on the tabletops and ArcKnight is here to help with a free mini-adventure available to downloa
A busy week only gets busier. Had several big projects to work on and yet I keep getting more added. But I'm also finishing off things, so I'm working my way through it all. But I could use a bit of a
Halfway there. We're halfway there, everybody. I don't know why, but for me, this week seems like it started on Wednesday. Monday was a Wednesday. Tuesday was a Wednesday. Wednesday... well, that one'
Patreon's a crowdfunding source that more gaming companies are looking into. For a monthly pledge (basically, you could think of it as a subscription fee), you get access to special material and extra
Hey everyone.Well, the first week of the year is coming to a close. It's been... an odd one. Monday I had off. Tuesday I had to take my car in for repairs (which got finished up on Thursday, since the
Arcknight keeps adding more to their Flat Plastic Minis Kickstarter campaign. There's some new artwork and a new add-on bundle to go check out.SourceFrom the campaign:The core deal, referred to early
Arcknight is getting closer to 3x funded for their flat, plastic minis over on Kickstarter. There's still quite a long way to go, though, for more stretch goals to be unlocked.SourceFrom the campaign:
Arcknight has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for Flat Plastic Miniatures. Pretty self-explanatory in the description there.They've made their goal, so check out stretch goals and extras they'll
Arcknight has added Josephe Vandel to their team for their Roleplaying Maps campaign over on Kickstarter.From the update:Josephe Vandel, aka Schwarzkreuz, has just signed on to Arcknight's map develop
Arcknight has started up a Kickstarter campaign to fund their Roleplaying Maps packs. They've already passed their initial goal and then some, so it's stretch goals for 28 days.From the campaign:We cr