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Archon Studios

The next wave of Masterclass Minis for Starfinder are headed your way. Part of their partnership with Archon Studio, you can get a look at these new figures over on Paizo's website now.
It's Thursday? ... Sure. Why not? It's Thursday. No other day has felt like the right one. Why should today? It's apparently Thursday. Ok. I can deal with that. It also means I can make your gaming ta
And just like that, Wednesday has given way to Wednesday. It's still going by quick for me. And, as usual, no complaints here, especially since it's a 3-day weekend. And seeing as it's Thursday, we ar
Iiiiii haaaaaave the poweeeeeeer!!!!... to go and late pledge for Archon Studios' Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia. And you have that power, too. And you have that power! And you have that p
Back to Monday already? I guess it was inevitable. Ah well. I hope your weekend was good. Mine involved having a Mountain Dew that tasted like birthday cake. So, not your average weekend, I guess. But
"Iiiii haaaaaave the poooooooweeeeeeeeeer!" Man, I remember having He-Man figures back in the day. Even had Castle Greyskull (because I was a badass). I've not had those toys in decades, but I can rel
He-Man is one of the first toy sets that I really remember getting a lot of. I even had Castle Greyskull because I was a badass in grade school. Anyway, I can be a badass in my middle age as well if I
A busy week makes for a quick week, so I've often experienced. And this has been a busy week, indeed. That means it's also been a very quick week. It's already Thursday. That's not a complaint, of cou
Iiiiiiiii have the poweeeeeeeeeer!... to tell you that Archon Studios has announced a new He-Man board game. It's called Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia, and it will bring many of your favo
Wolfenstein. It's a classic shooter from the early days of video games and has endured ever since we thought that CDs were "kinda crazy and new, amirite!?" Now, Archon Studios is looking to bring a ne
Next week, the next set of official Starfinder miniatures will be coming from Archon Studio. If you're looking to get some starfaring miniatures, you can go get your pre-orders in now. From the a
This week is just rolling on by, isn't it? At least, for me it is. Hard to believe that it's already Thursday and that the end of the week is just ahead. Let's keep this speed-train to the weekend goi
It's Halloween. I don't really have much more to say about that. I like the Halloween season, but the actual day isn't really my thing. And it's a bit of a let-down afterward when it's over. ... ...
Paizo has announced that they're teaming up with Archon Studios to create their Masterclass Starfinder miniatures. This includes changing over from resin to plastic. Also, those that backed the Starfi
Thursday. It's Weekend Eve Eve. As usual, I'm trilled about the upcoming weekend. And it's been a short week, so that makes things even better. Not that I mind work, of course. I love what I do. But,