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Architects of War

Architects of War lets you show just how much of a blast you're having playing All Quiet on the Martian Front with their new Blast Markers.

Blast markers


From the release:

BLAST your enemies! Now available to purchase: All Quiet on the Martian Front blast markers.

Architects of War now has All Quiet on the Martian Front available to order (and you'll get it shipped right away) from their webshop.

Starter Game Webprice

From the announcement:

The War for Earth Begins!

Conquer It or Save It…we will let you and your dice decide. The first Starter Game and plastic box sets released this week in the United States and are NOW SHIPPING.

Coming to the UK soon through Northstar Miniatures and our Australian Distributor, Modifx.

Available thru your local store, leading online retailers and, OF COURSE, you can order directly from us

Alien Dungeon is taking orders for non-Kickstarter models for All Quiet on the Martian Front.

US Command Stand


From the update:

The First NOT KS item is now up for Preorder for All Quiet on the Martian Front

Architects of War has released their new American Civil War game entitled American Uncivil War (I see what they did there).
Go check it out and see the release specials they've got going on.


From the release:

American Uncivil War is a set of Skirmish Rules for the American Civil War, that was inspired by such movies as "The Horse Soldiers" and Shenandoah. It allows you to play games with a few individual miniatures or hundreds of miniatures in formation, or a mix of both. It encourages the use of scenarios like foraging parties, spies, bushwackers, supply raids, missions behind enemy lines and many others. There are lots of character attributes such as Dead Eye Shot, Rogue, Cowardly, Despicable, Tracker , to mention just a few. There are rules for looting and loot counters, which can be used to run a scenario by themselves. The rule book is a stunning 128 pages of full color accompanied by a card deck, and features everything from the rules to hobby tips, and contains dozens of beautiful photographs of miniatures and terrain. The rules are quick to learn and easy to use, and generate a wealth of possible games to play. There is an accompanying 9 pack miniature range of characters, ruffians, deserters, troops and even a surgeon. These miniatures add flavor to the games, but are not a necessity to play. We encourage you to use the rules with any 28mm Civil War Miniatures you own. We also stock the Perry Miniatures ACW range, as well as a host of beautiful scale plastic and resin period terrain pieces. Follow the link to find out more. You will also be able to watch videos of a flip through of the rulebook with commentary as well as some game play and rules introduction.

Alien Dungeon and Architects of War are now being exclusively distributed throughout the UK and Europe by North Star Military Miniatures.

We are very pleased to announce that Alien Dungeon & Architects of War has a new exclusive distribution partner for the UK and Europe. We have liked Nick Eyre for quite a while and are excited for his company, North Star Military Miniatures, to take over the reigns as our exclusive distributor for sales outside North America.

North Star has some of our product in stock and we are rushing to get new releases to him. These include our popular new American Frontier range and our Dark Age range, which has been particularly well received by SAGA enthusiasts.

We have been receiving an increasing number of trade and customer inquiries about our range from customers throughout Europe in particular over the last several months and are very confident that Nick’s crew will provide you with excellent customer service.

You can always visit our own web site and for North American Trade inquiries please contact us at:

North Star Trade Inquiries – Contact Mark Wheatley 0115 978 6656

Alien Dungeon & Architects of War Trade Inquiries – Contact Drew Cremeans at 425-894-0928 or email: or

Architects of War now has some American Frontier-inspired terrain pieces. Hey, not every game has to be played in medieval Europe.

From the announcement:

Architects of War is pleased to announce our new American Frontier
range of terrain. These buildings (and other releases forthcoming)
are perfect for any gaming in North America in Colonial times. Enhance
your tabletops for Muskets and Tomahawks today!

Our first two releases are now available:

Block House 1 - $30.00 US

Log Cabin 1 - $30.00 US

Perry Miniatures held their painting contest over at Historicon. They've posted up photos of the winners and wanted everyone to see them.

From them to you:

The winners of the 2012 Perry Miniatures Painting Contest from Historicon are now available for your viewing pleasure! The quality of these entries was absolutely fantastic. Please head over and see all their hard work.

Architects of War has a new range of Sudanese models available on their website.

From the announcement:

Our first Perry Miniatures showcase feature is now online. We have selected the Sudan for this spotlight to accompany the recent release of Go Strong Into The Desert, published by Perry Miniatures and written by Lieutenant Colonel Mike Snook.

The Sudan range of miniatures from the ever-prolific Perry brothers allows gamers to recreate the exciting battles between British forces and Sudanese Mahdist Ansar in the late 1800s.

These excellent miniatures comprise more than 100 products from Perry Miniatures, and can be found on our website here.

In addition to the amazing models, we have also put together some fantastic Bundle Deals to help you recreate the terrain of the period! These deals are only available for a limited time, so be sure to grab them before they are gone!

Architects of War has starting taking pre-orders for the first Saga expansion, Northern Fury. Go order now and be the first kid on your block with this awesome book when it comes out!

From the update:

Architects of War is now accepting preorders for the first Saga
expansion - Northern Fury! This book will add four new warbands to
your games! We are now offering the FREE Scots Warlord with all
preorders of the book as well. IN addition to the book, we also have
the Scots Dice set and new warband sets.

Don't forget, our Dark Age terrain is perfect for your games of Saga!
Our Daub and Wood A Frame house and Timber A Frame house accentuate
any gaming table!

Architects of War has an announcement about their new releases as well as Cold War event.

From the announcement:

With Cold Wars next week, Architects of War has a huge list of new
releases available for the show and some awesome sneak peaks to show
off as well!

Cold Wars will be the first chance to buy our new Frightmares line of
Fantasty Terrain. We also have the complete line of Otherworld
miniatures available at the show. These fantastic models are sure to
be a huge hit and we are very pleased to be able to offer them. We
will also have the fantastic new Fireforge Teutonic Knights on sale at
the show! Finally, loads of new releases from Perry Miniatures,
Warlord Games, SAGA, and more will be on sale.

In addition to all the great new products for sale, we will also be
giving you some amazing sneak peaks at the event. New terrain releases
from Architects of War like our growing line of Middle Eastern
Buildings, a Poacher's Den, and a campsite. Warlord has sent us the
some of the forthcoming brand new US Plastic Soldiers for their Bolt
Action line to preview. Finally, we will also be showing off some
other new items that we can't talk about just yet. You just have to be
there to see for yourself!

Hope to see you all at Cold Wars 2012 in Lancaster PA, March 8-11!

Architects of War is having a sale on some of the models from their Immortals line.

We are currently offering all of the Immortal Miniatures Plastic Box Sets, while supplies last, at 25% off the retail price. The sets include Spartans, Classic Greek Hoplites and Ancient Greek Hoplites.

AlienDungeon, an offshoot of Architects of War, has new Frightmare terrain pieces. Go check 'em out!

Not just your average trees and rocks:

Architects of War is now 18 months old and we have enjoyed every minute of it. We endeavor to bring you the best 28mm historical miniatures available combined with our own terrain and accessory kits. We are very grateful to the response we have received from our many customers, both hobbyist and Trade accounts. Support from our trading partners Perry Miniatures, Gripping Beast, Renedra, and Warlord Games has been extraordinary and we hope to keep serving all of you for years to come.

However, it’s time we split like some weird Amoeba monster so we can pursue some other things.

We are establishing a brother company to Architects of War called AlienDungeon. This new company will allow us through a separate web site to release and retail products in the Adventure, Sci-Fi and Fantasy market where we hope to make lots of new friends.

We are off to a running start by introducing our new Frightmares line of Fantasy terrain and Pan Galactic Geographic*, a range of HARD Sci-Fi terrain, miniatures and vehicles. And since we are delving into the Sci-Fi/Fantasy market, the Woodbine Design Science Fiction Range is now being stocked by us. And last but certainly not least, we will be carrying the complete collection of “dungeoneering” figures from Otherworld Miniatures. The Otherworld Miniatures sculpts are fantastically sculpted, modern takes on classic designs. We are very excited to be able to offer all of these items for sale at Cold Wars and our web store soon after.
Architects of War has a new painting contest up. Who slings the best colored goop around?

Get in on the action!
Architects of War and Perry Miniatures are proud to announce the Official 2012 North American Perry Miniatures Painting Contest to be held at Historicon (July 19-22, 2012) in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This premier event will showcase the finest miniature painters around on some of the best miniatures in the historical genre! This event is the only Official North American Perry Miniatures painting contest this year so make sure you plan to attend.

Architects of War announce new terrain pieces:

From their announcement:

We are pleased to introduce our 28mm Jungles, Jungle Village, and WW2 Pacific Range.
For more information please visit our blog at
Warlord Games have added new Dark Age buildings from Architects of War to their online store. Dark Age building From their announcement:
The latest offerings from our pals at Architects of War are these splendid new Dark Age A-frame buildings. These superb buildings have a host of uses and as you can see from the photos below will beautifully adorn your gaming table. Built in areas where wood was plentiful, it would not only be found in parts of Great Britain, but in the heavy forested areas of a continent like Norway and the home of the Franks. These lovingly crafted buildings will enhance your battlefield and don't forget the Architects of War line has a large number of terrain pieces ideally suited to supporting these Dark Ages buildings - such as the ploughed field, pig sty, dung heap, etc. You can pick all of these piece up from us at Warlord games and also have it shipped free of charge during July no matter where in the world you are.
Architects of War have posted a preview of some of the products they will be bringing with them to Historicon 2011. From their website:
Historicon is almost here. We look forward to seeing everyone at the show. We have new Architects of War buildings for the Dark Ages and an expansion of our Middle Eastern Range. You can see "modernized" versions of these buildings at the Age of Glory booth to go with the Empress Miniature's moderns. Right around the corner at Eureka USA, Rob can sort you out with some of the new Eureka insurgents, too. These buildings are perfect for colonial and ancient gaming as well.
Check out their website for full details.
Architects of War have posted two PDF preview documents for their upcoming American Uncivil War skirmish game. From their announcement:
We are soldiering on with the skirmish ruleset, American Uncivil War. We thought it long overdue to provide another sneak peek, so we have loaded up a part of the scenario section for your amusement. You can find a link to Excerpt of the New American Uncivil War Scenario Book and the original AUW Sneak Peek, both in PDF form
The WW2 in Miniature blog has posted an article looking at the Architects of War Plowed Field terrain kit. From their announcement:
I got my first item ever from Architects of War yesterday and decided to post a few pics of how it was packaged and how nice it looks. Architects of War is a company that sells really nice terrain and models for miniature gaming.