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Architects of War

Architects of War lets you show just how much of a blast you're having playing All Quiet on the Martian Front with their new Blast Markers.SourceFrom the release:BLAST your enemies! Now available to p
Architects of War now has All Quiet on the Martian Front available to order (and you'll get it shipped right away) from their webshop.From the announcement:The War for Earth Begins!Conquer It or Save
Alien Dungeon is taking orders for non-Kickstarter models for All Quiet on the Martian Front.SourceFrom the update:The First NOT KS item is now up for Preorder for All Quiet on the Martian Front
Architects of War has released their new American Civil War game entitled American Uncivil War (I see what they did there).Go check it out and see the release specials they've got going on.SourceFrom
Alien Dungeon and Architects of War are now being exclusively distributed throughout the UK and Europe by North Star Military Miniatures.We are very pleased to announce that Alien Dungeon & Architects
Architects of War now has some American Frontier-inspired terrain pieces. Hey, not every game has to be played in medieval Europe.From the announcement:Architects of War is pleased to announce our new
Perry Miniatures held their painting contest over at Historicon. They've posted up photos of the winners and wanted everyone to see them.From them to you:The winners of the 2012 Perry Miniatures Paint
Architects of War has a new range of Sudanese models available on their website.From the announcement:Our first Perry Miniatures showcase feature is now online. We have selected the Sudan for this spo
Architects of War has starting taking pre-orders for the first Saga expansion, Northern Fury. Go order now and be the first kid on your block with this awesome book when it comes out!From the update:A
Architects of War has an announcement about their new releases as well as Cold War event.From the announcement:With Cold Wars next week, Architects of War has a huge list of new releases available fo
Architects of War is having a sale on some of the models from their Immortals line.We are currently offering all of the Immortal Miniatures Plastic Box Sets, while supplies last, at 25% off the retail
AlienDungeon, an offshoot of Architects of War, has new Frightmare terrain pieces. Go check 'em out!Not just your average trees and rocks:Architects of War is now 18 months old and we have enjoyed eve
Architects of War has a new painting contest up. Who slings the best colored goop around?Get in on the action!Architects of War and Perry Miniatures are proud to announce the Official 2012 North Ameri
Architects of War announce new terrain pieces:From their announcement:We are pleased to introduce our 28mm Jungles, Jungle Village, and WW2 Pacific Range. For more information please visit our blog at
Warlord Games have added new Dark Age buildings from Architects of War to their online store. From their announcement: The latest offerings from our pals at Architects of War are these splendid new
Architects of War have posted a preview of some of the products they will be bringing with them to Historicon 2011. From their website: Historicon is almost here. We look forward to seeing everyone a
Architects of War have posted two PDF preview documents for their upcoming American Uncivil War skirmish game. From their announcement: We are soldiering on with the skirmish ruleset, American Uncivi
The WW2 in Miniature blog has posted an article looking at the Architects of War Plowed Field terrain kit. From their announcement: I got my first item ever from Architects of War yesterday and decid
Architects of War have posted previews of some upcoming 28mm historical figures that they will soon be releasing.