Arc Dream Publishing

Delta Green: The Labyrinth Sourcebook Up On Kickstarter

Arc Dream Publishing is running a Kickstarter campaign for a new sourcebook for their Delta Green RPG. It's called The Labyrinth, and it takes the teams far and wide, stretching every area of the United States. They'll be tested well beyond their limits. But what teams will make it out, and which will crumble under the pressure? That's up to you to decide.

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Open The Green Box At Arc Dream Publishing Booth at Gen Con

Companies often run special promos at their booth during big shows, and Gen Con is certainly a big show. As such, Arc Dream Publishing is going to be running their Open the Green Box promotion. People will be able to sign up ath Booth 623 to be able to open up the box and win a prize. What's in the box? (What's in the boooooooooox!?!?!) Nobody but the folks at Arc Dream Publishing know.

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New Edition Of Puppetland Available

The Year of New Editions continues to roll on. This time around it's Arc Dream Publishing with a new, and expanded, version of Puppetland, their RPG of... well... talking puppets. What can you expect in this edition? Well, there's expanded and clarified rules for playing the game, itself. There's also a new storybook (I.E. - adventures, basically) where the Maker of All Puppets gets murdered! How... happy?

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