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Anvil Industry

Anvil Industry gives you many new options to customize your models with their new weapons, weapon accessories and heads.

From the announcement:

Anvil Industry is excited to expanded our modular Rifle/Carbine range with the addition of numerous new accessories-

Sniper Scope
Reflex Sight
Folding Bi-Pod
Rifle Foregrip
PEQ Laser Range Finder

and we are also running a competition to find a name for our deadly new Sniper Rifle-

We are taking suggestions on Facebook and will be putting a shortlist to the public vote over the weekend!

We also have three new head options

-"Maximus" Gladiator
-Character Hooded Heads

And we have also created new improved versions of our helmet Crest products.

Anvil Industry gives us a look at some more of what they're working on for future releases.

From the preview:

Anvil Industry is pleased to release four new Miniatures of the North Figures

Clockwise from bottom left - Aether Pirates Crewman, Captain and Pilot, and a Crowmantian Cultist Praying figure.

We also have a preview of an upcoming Steam Lord Rail Gun weapon.

Anvil Industry has 2 new releases up for their Miniatures of the North line as well as giving us a look at their upcoming sniper rifle.

From the update:

Anvil Industry is proud to offer two new figure sets from Miniatures of the North-

Cultists - Five different figures with a range of Knives and Pistols to choose from.

Imperial Borderer Grenadiers - With heavy plate armour and Sub-Machine Guns, Three figures with separate leg components, allowing for a wide variety of poses.

We also have a preview of a new Sniper Rifle, which is part of an upcoming new wave of weapon releases from Anvil Industry.

Miniatures of the North has some painted pictures of the Crowmantians for you to look at and become inspired to paint your own.

Anvil Industry posted a 3D render of what they're working on for a new targeting system for their minis.

From the preview:

SNEAK PEEK: Two new targeting systems for the Anvil-Industry modular weapon platform coming soon! The Reflex and the Sniper.
Share if you’re excited!

Anvil Industry gives you more ways to customize your Steam Lords. Why make them all look alike?

From the announcement:

Anvil Industry is pleased to offer two new Steam Lord upgrades.

-Renaissance Shoulder Pauldrons
-Widow Maker Squad Automatic Weapon.

Perfect for mowing down entire squads of enemy infantry!

Anvil Industry has a bunch of new things for you. They've got 3 new sprues worth of Steam Lords heads you can use to customize your forces as well as 2 new sets for Miniatures From the North: Aether Pirates and Fallen Dwarves.

From the update:

Anvil Industry has three brand new Head/Helmet sets for our Steam Lords and other Heroic Scale 28mm miniatures. Now available-

Unhelmed Heads with hair/beards.
Hooded Heads
Skull Helms.

Each head on each set is different.

We also have two brand new products from Miniatures of the North-

The small but ferocious Aether Pirate Airship Crewman,
and our first fantasy miniatures - Fallen Dwarf Phalanx

All these new products are available now for shipping after the bank holiday weekend.

Anvil Industry has fiddled and tinkered around with their helmets and has come out with redesigned versions of them.

From the update:

Anvil Industry is pleased to announce the launch of our remastered helmets range, all previous designs, plus several new helmets available over the next few days.

Anvil Industry has some new Crowmantian Militia plus a painted photo of their Imperial Borderers up. Check 'em out.

From them to you:

A new "Miniatures of the North" product is now available through Anvil Industry - Crowmantian Militia
We also have some new photos of the Imperial Borderers painted up and ready for war

Anvil Inudstry has released some new Miniatures of the North models: Imperial Borderers squad and the Investigator.

From the release:

Anvil Industry is pleased to offer some new figures from Miniatures of the North.

Now available -A squad of "Imperial Borderers" and the "Occult Investigator".

More information on the plans for this alternative Sci-fi range can be found on the Miniatures of the North Blog

Anvil Industry can make your Steam Lords better, stronger, faster with these new bionic parts.

From the release:

Anvil Industry has just released 4 new products-

-Bionic Rifle Arms - a sprue of 5 differently posed sets.
-Upgraded Large Bionics sprue with new bionic fists and a posable power claw.
-Bionic Veteran heads
-Bionic torso with socket for medium size bionic arm.

Anvil Industry is taking a week off to stretch and relax for a bit, but they're offering a discount for orders taken while they're away.

Anvil Industry is currently on holiday from 26th of June to 2nd of July, so we will not be posting out any orders untill after we get back.

To thank our customers for their patience, we are offering a 15% discount off of every order placed before the 3rd July, just enter the coupon code "HOLIDAY" during checkout to get 15% off of everything in the shopping cart, this discount applies to ALL products.

We will be working hard when we get back to ensure all orders are posted out as soon as possible.

Anvil Industry has their June releases up on their website. Customize your models with these new pieces.

From the release:

Ive just released the following new components for the Steam Lord range-
Compact Fusion Plant
Plumes/Top Knots
Grill mask Helmets
Visor Helmets

Anvil Industry has some new heads they're coming out with later this week. Individualize your models more. It's nicer that way.

From the update:

WIP of some new heads and a compact power plant, for release before the end of the week. Happy Bank Holiday!

Anvil Industry doesn't want their Steam Lords just standing around. They need to get a move on! So they've come up with several sets of new running legs.

From the release:

Anvil Industry is pleased to announce that running versions of our "Medieval" and "Praetorian" Steam Lord Leg sets are now available, A full sprue contains three different sculpts, based on video stills of elite sprinters to ensure maximum realism. These new running legs will get your assault troops to the objective in record time!

Anvil Industry reminds us that bases are important, too. You can't just have your models standing on a black circle and call your figure done. So here's some new rubble bases for you.

From them to you:

A new Anvil Gaming Base set which I debuted at SALUTE, is now available to pre-order, dispatching from May 7th.
The larger pieces of lose rubble/broken brick wall shown on the 40 and 60mm bases are actually separate components on the sprue, so no two bases need look exactly the same! And like the other Anvil Gaming Bases, these will remain stable on almost any terrain surface.

Anvil Industry has some new arms for their Steam Lords models. Now you can have them holding rifles/carbines.

From the update:

Anvil Industry is pleased to announce some new Rifle Arms for the Steam Lords, allowing them to be equipped with any of the Anvil Industry Assault Rifles, Carbines and Shotguns!!

Shown here is a selection of different Steam Lords built from the full range of component parts, weapons and accessories.

Anvil Industry has some new weapon pieces to help customize your minis.

From the announcement:

Anvil Industry is one year old today, we'd like to thank all our awesome customers for their support in our first year, and promise bigger and better things to come in the next year, Kicking things off with a massive expansion of our Modular Assault Rifles range. Gamers can now choose from three different designs, two different sizes, five different ammo feeds and a range of accessories including the new Suppressor/Silencer and a "short" grenade launcher ideal for submachine gun type weapons. We also have available an automatic shotgun, with integral Drum Mag, and a set of brutal Chain Glaives for when the fighting gets up close and personal!

Anvil Industry has retooled their bionics as well as some arms for your modeling needs.

From the update:

I have fully revamped the Steam Lord bare arms and the new versions are much higher quality as well as proportioned better, additionally the new sprues also contain pistol grip hands for use with my range of Steam Lord weapons. I will be releasing "Rifle Arms" for my Widow Maker weapons in the near future.

I am also proud to unleash my "Multi Pose Bionics" product. These new Bionic arms are fully poseable in two parts and can be used as either left or right arms, they also come in three different sizes, allowing almost any miniature to be upgraded with bionics in virtually any pose. The Steam Lord scale Bionic sprue (medium) comes complete with some extra bionic hand options.

Anvil Industry shows off some new legs and heads for all your converting needs.

As they say:

Anvil Industry now offers Medieval style Steam Lord legs (5 different sculpts) and bare Steam Lord heads (5 different sculpts)

These components are available as part of my Custom Steam Lord offering, or separatly for use as conversion parts.

Anvil Industry releases new weapon components.

From their site:

Loads of new components now available in the store! Check out "New/Pre-Order" in the Miniatures tab. Cheers!

Anvil Industry's Steam Lords range is now available again:

From their website:

Many of the parts have been remastered and remolded to be better quality and have fewer mold lines, Ive also created two new helmets- "Tech" and "Raven", and will be releasing lots more parts over the next few months.

Anvil Industry Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

A range of brutal heavy weapons are now available from Anvil Industry. The new 28mm scale Twin Machine Gun, Auto-Cannon and Missile Launcher can be mounted on our new tripod product, on vehicles/Mechs, or carried by heavy armoured infantry.

We have also added a "rapid mold" plastic and some great quality scenic grasses to the new "Modelling Supplies" section of the store.

Anvil Industry has released new components for 28mm miniatures:

From their announcement:

Anvil Industry has released the following new components-

Fur Cloaks
Fur Pelts
Bayonet Gun
Spartan War Glaive
Spartan Sheild.

Adding to our extensive range of conversion parts for 28mm "heroic" scale miniatures.

Anvil Industries announces their new website is open.

From their website:

Anvil Industry is proud to announce our new website, here, and is now online and open for bussiness.

We have also released a large number of new bits products, as well as our first full miniature kit- Steam Lord Praetorians.

Anvil Industry will continue to expand its product offering as fast as we can and we welcome customer feedback and suggestions about the new website.