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Anvil Industry

Well... Saturday's over. At least for me, that means changing the "carefree, do-what-you-want" attitude is replaced by a "determined, get things done around the house" one. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming,
Anvil Industry will be running a one-day only sale over on their website this Friday.SourceFrom the post:Head to our website this Friday for 30% off all Black Ops Kits!
Anvil Industry has some previews up showing resin prototypes for Afterlife over on their Kickstarter page.Electronics specialist Lena Petrova doesn't understand the meaning of 'Restricted Area', there
Anvil Industry has their Afterlife Kickstarter campaign up and running.SourceFrom the campaign:Anvil Industry is proud to launch AFTERLIFE, our new 28mm scale tabletop wargame. A near-future Earth bur
Graven Games takes a look at Anvil Industry's Republic Goliath Assault Mech in this new review article.SourceFrom the post:We love to use big stompy war robots in our games, and today we are adding th
Anvil Industry gives your troopers some more firepower with the release of some new heavy weapons over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:Things are heating up!Exo-Lord Heavy Fusion Cannon availa
Anvil Industry has some new Afterlife conversion bits available over in their webshop. Go get some and personalize your forces.SourceFrom them to you:New Afterlife Bits Available - Ajax and Tracer Hel
Anvil Industry is taking down names of gamers that want their new Goliath Assault Mech as soon as it's available.SourceFrom the announcement:The Republic Goliath Heavy Assault Mech is available now in
Anvil Industry has a pre-order set up for their new Afterlife sci-fi miniatures game (and the minis, too). Be the first gamer on your block with these rules and figures when they're made available.Sou
Anvil Industry has a photo up showing off the WIP version of their Afterlife Assault Team.SourceFrom the preview:Hello everyone, We've been quiet recently so a quick update on what we are up to. Here
Anvil Industry has a preview up of their assembled Ajax Medium Exo-Mech suits.SourceFrom the preview:Happy New Year Everyone! We are really excited about our plans for AFTERLIFE in 2014, here is an as
Anvil Industry is running their Black Ops Christmas Sale now over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:We are holding a Festive BLACK OPS Sale - SAVE 20% until 26 December! We are also working
Anvil Industry is showing off some updated 3D renders for the Weapons Tractors for their Afterlife Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the preview:Hey Guys,Just a small update tonight. Tomorrow I will be
Anvil Industry has some new 3D renders up on their Afterlife Kickstarter campaign showing off the minigun and missile launcher they've been working on.SourceFrom the preview:Hey Everyone - I spent tod
Anvil Industry has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Afterlife, their new sci-fi miniatures game.SourceFrom the campaign:We will tell the story of a near-future Earth torn apart by civil war aft
Anvil Industry gives us a look at the concept art for their first mini they're working on for Afterlife with a preview of the Republic Exo-Mechanised Infantryman.SourceFrom the preview:Here is a Repub
Anvil Industry delivers death from afar with their new Black Ops Master Sniper team, now available in their webshop.From the release: Black Ops Master Sniper.Kit contains two miniatures - a Marksman w
Anvil Industry has been showing off 3D renders of some new weapons they've got in the works. Take a look.
Anvil Industry has a preview photo up of their upcoming Black Ops Steam Lords.From the preview:Here is a preview of the upcoming "Black Ops" Steam Lords. If you are going behind enemy lines on a long
Anvil Industry wonders what's in a name... Well, it's everything. They want to rename their Steam Lords line and they'd like your help.STEAM LORDS RENAMING - suggestions and feedback please!! Free min
Anvil Industry gives us a look at a conversion bit they're working on with a picture of their M88.From the preview:M88 Apocalypse, the mayans didn't see this coming!
Anvil Industry has a new, limited edition, Bad Santa mini available on their website.From the release:We've just released our limited edition "Bad Santa" Christmas 2012 miniature.Only 40-50 copies (ho
Anvil Industry gives you some more modeling options with new weapons and torsos, available in their webshop.From the announcement:We are pleased to release a number of new options for the Steam Lords
Anvil Industry gives you some more ways to customize your models with their new robed legs and pumpkin heads sprues.From the release:We have just released two new products. Some serious "Robed Steam L
Anvil Industry gives you some more options for the look of your Steam Lords with new torsos.From the update:Our range of Steam Lord Torso parts have been reworked in 3D and printed, and the range is n