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Antenociti's Workshop

Antenociti's Workshop announces the availability of a new 28mm vehicle:From their announcement:Highly-detailed metal and resin model for 28mm wargames: this is a large tank model suitable for any 28mm
Antenociti's Workshop announces etched brass drain covers for use with basing miniatures:From their announcement:A small set of etch-brass drain covers, manholes and such like ideal for adding to blan
Antenociti's Workshop have added ten free sci-fi shipping containers to their website. From their website: We were recently passed the templates of the Devil Team Infinity Containers so that we cou
Antenociti's Workshop have posted images of two new 3D sculpts for sic-fi models they have purchased the production rights for including a new vehicle, the Viper Scout Car, and a Mecha, the American
Antenociti's Workshop is now selling copies of their Hunchback APC vehicle kit. From their website: The Agency Hunchback APC is now available in store. Priced at £21.49p this 28mm ‘scale’ vehicle i
Antenociti's Workshop have posted photos of an updated, but still WIP, version of their 28mm grab tank. From their website: Here are some WIPS of the new grav-tank based on the Merkava XXII. The tu
Antenociti's Workshop have posted concept art for the G.O.T. Rocket Launcher and Heavy Gauss Gun.
Antenociti's Workshop is having a Summer sale. From their announcement: We're having a bit of a 'summer-sale-madness' at Antenociti's Workshop and, for one month only, starting today, all of our G
Antenociti's Workshop have posted photos of several 28mm heavy weapon turrets as well as a photo of some upcoming 15mm vehicle releases. From their announcement: Some WIP shots of our new turrets f
Antenociti's Workshop will soon be releasing their 28mm G.O.T. Hunchback APC vehicle and have posted several photos of the model. From their announcement: The G.O.T. Hunchback APC is nearly ready f
Antenociti's Workshop have added some new features to their online store's shopping cart. From their website: We’ve been running the (new) current website for almost 6 months now, during which time w
Antenociti's Workshop have released the 28mm Zebu Land Cruiser for their G.O.T. sci-fi range. From their website: Workhorse of the Commonwealth Security Forces and iconic vehicle of the Terminus Po
Antenociti's Workshop have released a version of their 28mm Kabardin APC vehicle. From their website: The Novaya-Rus “Kabardin” APC is now in store. This is the solid-cast version of the APC (the
Antenociti's Workshop have added the 28mm Firefly Light-Attack Craft to their online store. From their announcement: The Firefly attack-craft is now in store for the price of £17.99p. This is a si
Antenociti's Workshop have released their 28mm Skorpion Light Grav Tank vehicle kit. From their announcement: The Novaya-Rus Skorpion Lt-Tank is now available in-store here priced at £14.99. This i
Antenociti's Workshop have posted details of changes in their pricing for their G.O.T. scenery range. From their announcement: The new prices for GOT Scenery are now in place and, in most cases, the
Antenociti's Workshop have posted a photo of the green for their G.O.T. NRF Infantry figure. From their website: This is the latest series of shots of the NRF ( Novaya Rossiyskaya Federatsiya ) Infan
Antenociti's Workshop have announced a post-Salute 2011 price increase. From their website: Following SALUTE 2011 and the Monday stock-take there will be a general check on all prices, this will most
Antenociti's Workshop have posted photos of their 28mm Quad Bike. From their announcement: This will be available with a commercial license and is comprised of the main body,  4 wheels and two front
Antenociti's Workshop have posted a photo of a work-in-progress version of their G.O.T. Commonwealth Zebu Cruiser vehicle. From their website: Initial WIPs of the the Commonwealth Zebu cruiser, manuf
Antenociti's Workshop have posted previews of some upcoming 28mm G.O.T. sci-fi vehicles and miniatures. WIP and Cwn Annwn aka "Kreth" war beasts.