Another Stupid Game with Monsters

Friday Snippets

Friday has once again graced us with its presence. We may be battered and bruised from the work week, but the end is here and your reward is a couple days to do whatever you want (well, not whatever, but you know what I mean). With any luck, your weekend plans include gaming. I'm hoping to throw down with some board games tomorrow night. Should be a good time.

Anyway, we've got our regular Friday feature of various bite-sized stories we've collected and present them to you here now.

In this installment we have: Some more of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, 3D Printed Mounted Heroes coming to Kickstarter, Mission San Miguel 28mm PDF from Finger and Toe, Acheson Creations Releases Shoe House, New Orc Fort Terrain from LaserCutCard, ManorHouse Workshop Posts Update 24 on their Modular Underground Terrain Project, Little Red Riding Hood by Kabuki Models now available, New Battlesuit Gladius from Hitech Miniatures, Tabletop-Art previews new Hero Base WIPs, The creators of Another Stupid Game With Monsters interviewed on The Blunt Instruments, Kize Delta Squad released by Grinning Skull, and New: Sarissa Precision Destroyed Factory.

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Another Stupid Game with Monsters up on Kickstarter

Another Stupid Game with Monsters (seriously, that's what they're calling it. It's not an editorial about the game or system by me, I promise!) is up on Kickstarter and looking for funding. In this new card game, you play as an evil-mad-wizard-scientist-villain who is looking to be the greatest amongst all evil-mad-wizard-scientist-villains. To do this, you must defeat your foes by summoning and sending into battle horrible beasts from around the universe and elsewhere. Grab your monster, sick them after your enemy, and watch the mayhem. If you win, you gain your opponent's monster as a trophy. At the end of 6 rounds, the one with the most trophies wins.
The campaign is up and running now and is set for another 27 days.

From the campaign:
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