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Anima Tactics

Ninja Division, who had recently taken over Cipher Studios properties, has announced that they're going to be discontinuing Anima Tactics. Hell Dorado will also no longer be available through distribu
Cipher Studios shows off their upcoming October releases for Hell Dorado and Anima Tactics.SourceFrom the preview:Hell Dorado Marcus Leblanc HD5018 $14.99 Infernal Crusher HD1023 $19.99
Cipher Studios gives us a look at what's coming up for Anima Tactics in July with a quick preview.From the preview:Got some new Anima Tactics models on the way in July!
Cipher Studios has some new releases up for Hell Dorado and Anima Tactics up on their website.From the release:We’ve got some new releases on their way to distributors now.For Anima Tactics, we have M
Cipher Studios posted up a pair of Anima Spoilers. And here they are:From the website:Hey Anima Fans! I’ll just leave this little tidbit here
Ciphper Studios didn't get Kudoi out with the rest of the Anima Tactics releases, but he's available now.From the release:The straggler from the earlier big wave of releases this month, Kudoi, is now
Cipher Studios has released 3 new models for Anima Tactics over in their webstore. Go check 'em out.From the announcement:Kira, Frederick Adler, and Type-020: Verrier for Anima Tactics are now availab
Cipher Studios has shipped off their Type-009s and their Wissenschaft boxes and you should be getting them any time now.From the update:Type-009 and the Wissenschaft boxed set have shipped and are on
Cipher Studios put these two up on their webpage as upcoming releases and we figure we'd share that news with you... as it is the sort of thing we are wont to do.
Cipher Studios has some new releases for Anima Tactics up on their website. They'll be available to you any time you want now.From the update:Its that time again! More new Anima Tactics miniatures hav
Cipher Studios has 2 new Anima Tactics up on their website. Check 'em out.From the update:The hits just keep on rolling! Here’s some new models now available in the online store and soon to be at a st
Cipher Studios is here to help keep the games you play fresh and new with helpful hints to keep your "toolbox" full. Keep on gaming!Yes Sergeant!One of the worst things that can happen to a gamer is w
Cipher Studios have just shipped a wave of 2 new Anima Tactics figures to their distribution partners:From their announcement:We have just shipped a wave of 2 new Anima Tactics figures to our distribu
Cipher Studios have shipped several more Anima Tactics and Hell Dorado releases.From their announcement:We have recently shipped a new wave of Anima Tactics and Hell Dorado releases to our distributio
Cipher Studios have shipped the latest Anima Tactics figures. From their announcement: It’s that time again. Lilith and the Female Empire Agent are making their way to a retailer near you, by way o
There will be an Anima Tactics Tournament held at GenCon 2011. From their announcement: Where: It will be held in the Table Top Gamers area of the miniature hall (Hall G in the ICC). When: Thursday,
Cipher Studios have announced the release of the latest wave of figures for the Anima Tactics game. From their website: We have shipped a wave of new Anima releases to our distribution partners. Th
Fantasy Flight Games have announced that they will be ceding distribution rights for the Anima Tactics miniatures game range back to Cipher Studios.