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Angry Badger

Angry Badger has a rather extensive 15mm Barricade set available now over on their website. Go check it out.SourceFrom the update:Angry Badger has released a 15mm-scaled version of their popular Barri
Angry Badger helps your little mans storm the wall of your enemy's little mans with their new Siege Tower.From the release:Angry Badger has released a new lasercut MDF Siege Tower for use in 28mm fant
Angry Badger is taking down names of those that want their AB-9000 Hellbadger drop ship as soon as it's made available.From the announcement:Angry Badger has a pre-order special for their new 20" mdf
Graven Games takes a look at and reviews the Barricade Terrain Kit available from Angry Badger.From the review:Welcome to today’s review in which we are assembling a great terrain kit from Angry Badge