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Angel Barracks

Angel Barracks has new 6mm hex containers available over on their website (scroll to the bottom of the page).

From the website:

Pack of 3 cargo containers.

Great for use as shipping containers as used by Hex2Go or as temporary shelters or cheap living space as used by HexHabs

These are sold singly, but you have to admit, they do look cool all stacked up.

Outerlab recently sat down and talked with Angel Barracks about all things gaming.

From the interview:

An in depth interview with the owner of Angel Barracks about games, miniatures and business in the UK.

Angel Barracks shows off the start of their brand new line of 6mm creatures. Awww! They're so cute!

What the proud minis makers have to say:

I am very excited to have my very own line of exclusive figures and I am even more excited to know that there are more on the way.
It is all very new and exciting and nervous for me so please wish me success and feel free to send me any ideas for 6mm miniatures that you have!

Angel Barracks is now stocking wire barriers for 6mm scale:

From their website:

Some of you may know that my current thing is FUBAR.

I have decided that I am going to make a Camp Bastion style model for my games next and that means lots of HESCO© style defences.

I had a look round for some but did not find any I liked, so I had a chat with Ian Kay of Irregular Miniatures Limited and he agreed to make some.

So here we are, I am now stocking 6mm HESCO© style wire defences.

We decided that it be best if the strips were stackable and we also wanted single strips to be tall enough that a based 6mm figure could stand behind one and not be seen.
As such they may appear a bit taller and narrower than the actual ones used today at Camp Bastion.
BUT remember these are not meant to be those, these are just inspired by the design.

Anyway, hopefully you like them! -Michael.
Angel Barracks will put some ready-made 6mm FUBAR forces on their website:

From their website:

I put some ready-made 6mm FUBAR forces on my website.

They have sold really well, better than expected and I have had many requests for others. So I have put together 3 more for you to choose from.

On a related note I was stunned by the amount of times the PDFs were downloaded. In the first 36 hours there were over 3500 downloads! That is roughly 100 an hour, bonkers!

Anyway, there are some more including the infantry and APCs that I use for my own FUBAR games as well as aliens and robots!

Size Matters!
Angel Barracks in an effort to make 6mm greatness all the more accessible is going to offer ready painted buildings for sale:

From their announcement:

However with Angel Barracks not being my actual job my time is limited, as such I will start by offering some of the Spanish buildings in the Total Battle Miniatures range.

Depending on how well this venture goes I may offer more in time. They are the same price painted as from Total Battle Miniatures themselves; the only difference is the style of painting. They will be painted in the same style as I painted my Spanish Hill Town as seen here.

Size Matters! - Michael
Angel Barracks releases new 6mm FUBAR Forces.

From their announcement:

As the FUBAR bug has bitten me and many others, I have added a FUBAR page to my website and started offering ready-made forces for you to use.

The rules are free and the 6mm version can be downloaded from my site as can my own house rules.

The official and original rules and much more can be found at the home of FUBAR, the Forge of War Development Group

Angel Barracks releases new 6mm miniatures, Grrrrr scary dinosaurs:

From their announcement:

6mm monsters ready to eat you and your plants! See them, catch them, eat them.
Angel Barracks Adds More Bases to their Online Store:

From their announcement:

More Base are Belong to Us! Zoom Zigg.

Check out these sculpted resin bases, ideal for 6mm across many periods. More bases coming soon.

Angel Barracks Announces it will be at The Bristol Reveille Show:

From their announcement:

The Bristol Reveille Show is Upon Us. Home of the award winning TUSK participation game experience.
I will be there putting on my 6mm FUBAR sci-fi participation game. I won't be trading so you can’t buy anything from me this year, but my wife will be there with her stand. Come along and buy some goodies for Christmas.

Sound the Reveille!
Angel Barracks have a free paint offer:

From their announcement:

Buy 5 get 1 free on Coat d'arms paints and inks.

For every 5 pots of paint or ink that you buy you can choose a free one.
Simply type the colour you want as your free one into the "Instructions to merchant" box of the shopping cart and hey presto!

Size Matters!
Angel Barracks announce new bases available in their webstore:

From their announcement:

Well not all of them, none in fact, but I have started stocking a small selection of bases.
MDF, plastic and steel ones.
Angel Barracks have posted a new scenario for their game:

From their announcement:

There is another free scenario for Grand Manouevre: Black Powder and Blue Steel on my website

This takes the total to 8 now.
With more to come too I am sure.

Click the link and you will find them all near the bottom of the page.
Angel Barracks now has Future War Commander in stock, the rules are also on their website.

From their announcment:

Some of you may know Angel Barracks as 6mm, more specifically as 6mm Napoleonics.
Well, not so,

We sell paints and dice and rules too, but of late we have been concentrating on 6mm sci-fi.

So it made sense to start stocking some of the most popular 6mm sci-fi rules; Future War Commander.

Size Matters!
Angel Barracks have received stock of more 6mm sci-fi miniatures. 6mm sci-fi From their announcement:
The goodies pictured and much more have Plasmablasted onto the website. They are rather nice I must say. The Progenitor Light Infantry are the ones I have been using for my FUBAR games for those that are following the FUBAR-ness.
Angel Barracks are now selling the 6mm Alien miniatures from Dark Realm Miniatures. DRM aliens From their announcement:
Yup, those pesky Xenomorphs have infested Angel Barracks. Get some intel on the nasty creatures by buying them up to study. (The vampire beasts would be most excellent as acid bleeding, wall jumping colonial marine killing xenomorphs.)
Angel Barracks have added new 6mm sci-fi and fantasy buildings to their online store. Fantasy buildings From their announcement:
We have some new stock of the excellent Dark Realm Miniatures 6mm sci-fi buildings. We also have a sneak peak at the new range from Total Battle Miniatures in which there is the most Epic piece of 6mm scenery ever
Angel Barracks have revamped their website. From their announcement:
I have invested some money in Angel Barracks and I am now stocking over 280 more products than before. I decided that the site needed a bit of an overhaul before adding these new items so I have rebuilt it. It is very similar in appearance to before but has all the extra items and half as many pages, many of which are half the size they were. I still use PayPal which means you can use your PayPal account or pay via a credit or debit card. I have also altered the postage so that the cart now includes EU postage rates and not just UK. I have also decided that any orders over £100.00 go postage free, even outside the EU. I have also begun the process of stocking sizes other than 6mm. Don't expect anything bigger though, I have taken stock of some 2mm and will be getting some more and maybe smaller things at some point. Anyway - why not take a look and see if you spot anything you want. You can get your dice, paints, brushes, rules, figures, buildings and much more in one place.
Angel Barracks have added two new 6mm Western figures to their online store. Steam Train From their announcement:
We have another wagon from Irregular Miniatures to add to the ever growing wagon collection here at Angel Barracks - the Chuck Wagon. That is quite cool but even cooler than that is the Wild West Steam Train.
Angel Barracks are now carrying the DecorPlus range of flock. Static grass colours From their announcement:
I am excited to announce that we now carry some of the DecorPlus range of short strand static grass. This static grass is available in 1mm and 2mm lengths and comes in a myriad of colours from gamer grass, steppe grass, martian dusk and beyond. Such short fibre static grass is ideal for 10mm and under.
Grand Manouevre: Black Powder and Blue Steel Angel Barracks have reduced the price of their Grand Manouevre: Black Powder and Blue Steel rules. From their announcement:
Grand Manouevre: Black Powder and Blue Steel has come down in price. The aim of the rules is to enable gamers to play some of the larger battles of the period at a tactical level, involving individual regiments, battalions and batteries. The rules are easy to learn and the game time taken up in calculating the end-effects of a combat is kept as brief as possible. The simultaneous movement, which is subject to recorded orders, is not only more realistic compared to other methods, but it also reduces the playing time of the game. The command and control rules have been carefully devised to closely represent the ways in which commanders actually gave and received orders. The game is focused on their command decisions and their abilities to react to battlefield situations.
Angel Barracks has several new 6mm terrain items in stock. Roman Town From their announcement:
The very handy Total Battle Miniatures sectional pontoon bridge. If the Irregular Miniatures one has not tempted you yet, surely this one will. From Irregular Miniatures we have some handy artillery earthworks, great for all sorts of periods from early black powder to sci-fi. Give your big guns some cover. Lastly a rather groovy Roman town, sauna, vomitorium, senate buildings, villas, etc. no aqueduct though... Pull up a pew and have a gander around the Barracks.
Angel Barracks have new 6mm terrain releases available from their online store. Monastery From their announcement:
6mm monastery, farms, stone bridges and Spanish windmills set sail to Angel Barracks. More sixy miniatures from Total Battle Miniatures at Angel Barracks. The first batch of stock has been and gone but re-stocks are on the way, order now to avoid disappointment. The monastery is especially ace, very cool, very big, looks great next to the Spanish hill town.
Angel Barracks have stock of a 6mm Spanish Hill Town terrain set. 6mm Spanish Hill Town From their announcement:
We have more new products from Total Battle Miniatures. This time it is some simply stunning Spanish buildings with an awesome scenic tile for them to sit on. Words can not do them justice so take a look. Here is my attempt at painting them up.