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Anatoli's Game Room

Anatoli's Game Room gives us their thoughts on the Epic Heroes supplement for Brink of Battle in this new review.SourceFrom the website:The long awaited Fantasy supplement for Brink of Battle: Skirmis
Anatoli's Game Room sat down and talked with Robert Faust, creator of the Brink of Battle game system, and talked about how things have gone over this first year of the game's release.SourceFrom the i
Anatoli's Game Room has posted up an article all about the By Fire and Sword Kickstarter and why you shouldn't miss out on this Kickstarter (which is in its final days).From the article:The By Fire &
Anatoli's Game Room has finished their Poland in Flames campaign book for Flames of War.From the release:Poland in Flames is a historical campaign book containing 70 scenarios and 16 operations taking
Anatoli's Game Room had an interview with Konrad Sosinski and Rafal Szwelicki, makers of By Fire and Sword, and posted it up for you to all read.From the interview:An extensive interview with both of
Anatoli's Game Room has posted up the September campaign for Flames of War.From the website:The September Campaign v.2 is a nonprofit free downloadable supplement for Flames of War v.3.The book will b
Anatoli's Game Room sat down and had a chat with Brink of Battle writer Robert Faust. See what they had to say.From the interview:Robert Faust, writer of the "Brink of Battle" skirmish rules sheds som
Anatoli's Game Room recently conducted an interview with Nigel Atkinson from West Wind Publications about Empire of the Dead. It's a good read and very thorough.From the interview:I’m very happy to ex
Anatoli's Game Room has a great review of Brink of Battle, a generic game system usable in almost any time period.But don't let me tell you all about it. I didn't do the review. They did:“Brink of Bat
Anatoli's Game Room interviews Uncle Mike's Worldwide about their Lovecraftian horror tabletop minis game... and just pray you keep sane.Anatoli has this to say:A written Q&A session with Mike over at