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Anatoli's Game Room

Anatoli's Game Room gives us their thoughts on the Epic Heroes supplement for Brink of Battle in this new review.

Epic Heroes


From the website:

The long awaited Fantasy supplement for Brink of Battle: Skirmish Gaming Through the Ages is finally here!

Anatoli's Game Room has the first review of Epic Heroes: Fantasy Skirmish in the Realms of Fantasy.

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Anatoli's Game Room sat down and talked with Robert Faust, creator of the Brink of Battle game system, and talked about how things have gone over this first year of the game's release.


From the interview:

Brink of Battle, the very open ended historical skirmish game has now been out for over a year. It remains in my opinion one of the most cleverly written set of rules in how you can create soldiers and adapt them to various historical periods without trouble while the core game mechanics offer solid gameplay. In this interview with Robert Faust you will be able to learn about the evolution of the Brink of Battle rules as they branch out to cover new ground as well as get an insight into indie wargame publishing.

Anatoli's Game Room has posted up an article all about the By Fire and Sword Kickstarter and why you shouldn't miss out on this Kickstarter (which is in its final days).

From the article:

The By Fire & Sword Kickstarter is nearing its end with 4 days to go. If you haven't heard about it already and are interested in a very dynamic and innovative set of rules which supports and provides army lists for both skirmish level as well as division level sized games.

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Anatoli's Game Room has finished their Poland in Flames campaign book for Flames of War.

From the release:

Poland in Flames is a historical campaign book containing 70 scenarios and 16 operations taking place during the invasion of Poland in September 1939.

Players will be able to play battles and operations through the point of view of Polish, German, Soviet and Slovak armies.

The book also includes historical background about each battle and operation, historical background on important commanders and decisions, maps showing troop movements and mini maps of Poland so that players can get a general idea of the geographical location where the battle is fought.

The book is a free to download resource meant to be used with my September Campaign v.2 OoB book written for Flames of War and released last year.

Anatoli's Game Room had an interview with Konrad Sosinski and Rafal Szwelicki, makers of By Fire and Sword, and posted it up for you to all read.

From the interview:

An extensive interview with both of the authors of the 17th century ruleset "By Fire & Sword" which will be released in English at Salute in 2013.

The interview covers both the background of the authors and the wargaming scene in Poland as well as a lot of information about the By Fire & Sword rules themselves.

Anatoli's Game Room has posted up the September campaign for Flames of War.

From the website:

The September Campaign v.2 is a nonprofit free downloadable supplement for Flames of War v.3.

The book will be a "living" resource, meaning that updated versions will be published if needed and a FAQ document will be maintained. There will also be room for discussion and keeping track of news and updates of this project over at the What Would Patton Do forum (the best internet community dealing with FoW).

The book includes 4 armies, 13 Polish lists and 4 Polish characters, 15 German lists and 2 German characters, 3 Slovak lists and 5 Soviet lists. Not all army lists are "competition material", but a majority of the lists should work for tournaments and organized play if you wish to use them that way.

The second part of this project containing all the campaign section content will be released within the next 6 weeks. This book will perhaps be more useful to the whole WW2 EW community as opposed to the OoB book which is very much aimed at the FoW EW community.

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Anatoli's Game Room sat down and had a chat with Brink of Battle writer Robert Faust. See what they had to say.

From the interview:

Robert Faust, writer of the "Brink of Battle" skirmish rules sheds some light on the background of the rules, upcoming projects and gives you an insight into the venture of selfpublished rulebooks by answering 32 questions.

Anatoli's Game Room recently conducted an interview with Nigel Atkinson from West Wind Publications about Empire of the Dead. It's a good read and very thorough.

From the interview:

I’m very happy to expand this segment of my blog with yet another great Q&A based interview. This time around I sent a bunch of questions to Nigel Atkinson, one of the writers of the new Empire of the Dead miniature skirmish game.

37 questions ranging from background and writing process of the game to questions about the rules mechanics, stuff in the pipeline, upcoming additional factions and a lot more.

Anatoli's Game Room has a great review of Brink of Battle, a generic game system usable in almost any time period.

But don't let me tell you all about it. I didn't do the review. They did:

“Brink of Battle: Skirmish through the ages” is a pretty unique set of rules. It is not period or setting specific, instead it allows players to create their own bands of warriors and fight a skirmish battle in any year of human history from ancient times up to modern day. To achieve this without making the game too thin in theme, history is divided into 3 categories. “Ancient/Medieval”, “Early Modern” and “Modern”, each have its own set of character traits for soldiers to pick from, period specific weapons and gear.

The focus is entirely historical gaming, but perhaps the most important thing to know is that this set of rules is a toolbox for your imagination.

Both players roll D10 dice pretty much every time something happens and add various bonuses, skills, penalties, cover etc. Battles are fought on a small scale which means that players takes turns in activating , moving, shooting and fighting with their warriors one at a time. And since the game is played on a small scale, 3-20 models per side, all warriors can be very individual in how their stat line looks like, their weapons and actually conveys a sense of “Dirty Dozen” feel where you can make each soldier different and specialized to a high degree by tweaking the stat lines in the building step.

Anatoli's Game Room interviews Uncle Mike's Worldwide about their Lovecraftian horror tabletop minis game... and just pray you keep sane.

Anatoli has this to say:

A written Q&A session with Mike over at Uncle Mike's Worldwide, creator and manufacturer of the Lovecraftian horror skirmish game "Strange Aeons".

32 Strange Aeons related questions answered. Learn about upcoming rules, books, scenarios and how Strange Aeons came to be.