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Anarchy Models

We have made it to Friday, ladies and gentlemen. Rejoice!And, like, go eat some candy or something because of Halloween. Have yourself a good time.Speaking of bite-size items such as those "fun" size
My painting skill is... mediocre at best. I base coat. I add some highlight colors. I drybrush. Pretty much done at that point. My figures look fine on a tabletop, but I'm not going to win any competi
And we've made it back to Sunday. At least for me, the day to get stuff done around the apartment and prep for the oncoming week. I might get in some electronic gaming later on, though. Hey, you can't
Anarchy Models has been chugging along on their HS Stencil System Kickstarter. They've got several more styles unlocked for you to check out.SourceFrom the update:£12k Design revealed.Now, as you can
Anarchy Models has been making it through stretch goals over on their new Kickstarter campaign, unlocking new stencil designs.SourceFrom the update:After getting some feedback on what people would lik
Anarchy Models has launched a new Kickstarter campaign aimed at funding a new set of flexible stencils for painting your minis.They're funded already, so check out the stretch goals and extras.SourceF
Anarchy Models has their HD Stencil System, that'd been successfully funded on Kickstarter, available over in their webshop now.SourceFrom the announcement:Thanks to our Kickstarter campaign last year
Anarchy Models is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter for their HD Stencil System. They've just made it through a pretty major stretch goal and added new stencils to just about every pledge
Anarchy Models keeps going higher and higher in their funding over on Kickstarter for their HD Stencil System. Check out these new styles they've posted.SourceFrom the update:Wow, our campaign is goin
Anarchy Models continues their success over on Kickstarter with a new unlock in their HD Stencil System. This one's custom-designed for every single gamer out there.SourceFrom the update:Hey Everyone.
Anarchy Models keeps going up and up in their funding over on Kickstarter. They've got more backers, more stretch goals broken and more stencils they're showing off.SourceFrom the update:Yahoo! 200 b
Anarchy Models has had great success so far with their HD Stencil System Kickstarter. They've unlocked several new designs and still have a lot of time to unlock more.SourceFrom the update:Hey guys.Ou
Anarchy Models has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a new HD Stencil System for creating cammo and such patters on your models. They've already funded, so it's stretch goals for the ne
Anarchy Models gives you more options with your armor with the release of their Tannelon Pattern Tank Hull Kit.From the release:We have recently released our super new Tinnelon Pattern Tank Hull.This
Anarchy Models is a new gaming company designing specialty bases and conversion bits to help your models stand out from the others.From them to you:Anarchy Models is a small, UK based, independent man
Brueckenkopf takes a look at the Orc Scrap Guns available from Anarchy Models and gives you a review of them.From the review:Anarchy Models offers now some orc weapon bitz which are reviewed by Brueck