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Ammon Miniatures

Ammon Miniatures tags in two new fighters for Da Clash.


From the release:

Please welcome these 2 new fighters!

"Robox": This ancient machine has been awaken... and it's now wreaking havoc thanks to its steam-powered fists!

"El Soupolai": Beware, here comes El Soupolai! Coming directly from the 70's, this enraged luchador will smash his opponents with his favorite weapon: a shovel!

Ammon Miniatures has a special program going on where if you get your game shop to carry Da Clash, Ammon will send you a voucher for their shop.

Luchadorz Network


From the post:

You can now help us to spread Da Clash!

That’s easy and rewarding:
1. Talk about us to your favorite brick & mortar shop.
2. If they become one of our retailers, thanks to your recommendation, you will be rewarded with a voucher equal to 15% of the value of their first order!

Ammon Miniatures now has Da Clash, their new skirmish wrestling game, available over in their webshop.
I like Da Clash. Though at the moment I'm listening to Da Pantera.


From the release:

Da Clash! is now available!

“Faster than a tequila shot, make your foe bite the dust in Da Clash! The weird wrestling boardgame for 2 players from 12 to the grave!”

You can find Da Clash!, the fighters miniatures and amazing accessories such as a resin ring and custom dice in our website.

Get in the ring now!

Ammon Miniatures has their new mini for November available. It's Jack da Lumberjack (and he's ok).


From the post:

Please welcome Jack, our new miniature for November!

This massive lumberjack (5cm tall) comes from the northern dark forests and he's used to fight against giant bears (oh...and cute beavers too) with his huge axe. You can't mess with this guy, but you can still paint him!

Fluo Games is in their final 24 hours over on Kickstarter for their Color Warz: Dark Threat campaign. They've added the Wave 2 minis as add-ons if you'd like to have them as part of your pledge. If you were waiting until the very end, your time has come.

Edit to add a colorized picture of the Ronin artwork.


From the update:

We have a great news, we decided to unlock the 2nd wave of our miniatures !

It will give you access to Wooden Skeletons, Ronin, Chief on Koloss, Valkyrie, Amazon and Dryad miniatures.

Fluo Games has another bit of preview concept artwork to show off for Color Warz. This one's the Amazon.


Fluo Games is showing off another art preview for Color Warz: Dark Threat with a look at the Valkyrie.


From the preview:

We now present to you the 5th follower : The Valkyrie.

This character is a powerful follower. Light sprung off her eyes. She uses thunder to teleport herself and uses her light spear to dissolve black paint.

This character will be compatible with both games : Dark Threat and Paint Brawl board games.

In Color Warz : Dark Threat
Add her to Gaia team in a new difficulty level : advanced level.
Note : the Kaos player will be able to add the Ronin (see update #10) in this difficulty level.

Fluo Games has updated their Color Warz Kickstarter again. This time they've added a new pledge level, a look at an updated game board picture and have added in the German language rulebook.


From the update:

Today we propose to you a new pledge : Premium pledge.

It contains Color Warz : Paint Brawl 1st edition at special price (save 50% on the retailer price) and all the miniatures you need to replace the cardboard shapes (save 10% from the retailer price).

You will also have access to all stretch goals and to a £25 voucher.

This pledge is limited to 100 copies.

Fluo Games updated their Color Warz Kickstarter again with some recalculated stretch goals, some new concept artwork as well as some more gameplay sample videos.


Form the most recent update:

You may have seen our short gameplay videos of Cleric, Doomed Chief, Chosen One, Wooden King, Oak and Fongia.

We now present you two new gameplay videos.

Fluo Games has announced a partnership with Blacksmith Miniatures to create the Ronin on Toad model for their Color Warz: Dark Threat Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

We now present to you our first realisation in partnership with a famous french publisher : Blacksmith Miniatures.

This model represents the Ronin before he becomes the Fallen One.
He explores the dark swamp on his giant toad. This is a poetic realisation.

This miniature is not locked, you can find it right now in the otpional stuff.

Fluo Games has made some updates to their Color Warz: Dark Threat Kickstarter. These include game play videos, new updated stretch goals and concept art for a new figure for the game. There's a lot there to check out.


From the update:

You may have seen our short gameplay videos of the Cleric, Doomed Chief, Chosen One and Wooden King.

We now present you two new gameplay videos.

Oak, the old wise gameplay video
Fongia, the mushroom queen gameplay video

Fluo Games has gotten 150 backers for their rebooted Color Warz: Dark Threat Kickstarter campaign and thus they've unlocked their first special goal for the campaign.


From the campaign:

We just unlocked the first stretch goal !

That mean that all Silver, VIP, Gold, Platinium and Adamantium pledgers will receive for free the Kickstarter exclusive Chosen One miniature.

Note : that also work for all new backers that pledge on one of theses pledges.

We also inform you that all our VIP pledges are gone !

Devil Pig Games along with Fluo Games and Ammon Miniatures had relaunched their Color Warz: Dark Threat Kickstarter campaign. They've got updated add-on information, along with streamlined pledge levels and some new artwork to show off.


From the relaunch:

Color Warz : Dark Threat is the Color Warz : Paint Brawl sequel.

This new game stages an epic battle between the colors unified around the Chosen One to the Wooden King and his black paint. This two players board game proposes an asymmetric gameplay: each player has different abilities and characters. The players don't have the same goals. It's a standalone game with some bridges with the previous boardgame: Paint Brawl.

Fluo Games has added 3 new miniatures to their Color Warz: Dark Threat game if they make it to their funding goal.
Stay tuned this afternoon for a review of Fluo Games' first game, Color Warz: Paint Brawl.


From the update:

This is a special gift for all that have invested £35 or more in our campaign.

This extra gift will be added to your pledge if we reach our goal.

Ammon Miniatures got themselves a new website and to celebrate, they're having a sale over in their webshop.


From the sales sheet:

The new Ammon website is beautiful. Isn’t it?

We think so, and to celebrate the hard work we’ve done on this new version, we have decided to offer you a 15% discount on all your orders until September 30.

Once you have chosen yoour lovely Ammon products, just apply the code NEWSHOP2013 in the cart and it’s done.

Ammon Miniatures has a new mini available. This one's Ana: Bot Hunter.

From the release:

She doesn’t like robots…but you’ll like her without any doubts: Ana!

This kit allows you to depict Ana who just destroyed a huge robot…
With 18 joints, you will be able to glue the robot hand the way you want, and we trust you to find some nice ideas!

You can now find this kit in limited edition (250 numbered copies) in the Shop!

Ammon Miniatures only has a few hours left on Indiegogo. They've unlocked the bag of dice stretch goal. Can they break another before time runs out?

From the update:

We made it! The 10.000€ stretchgoal has been unlocked!
A Da Clash bag of 12 dice is now available for free for all 6+ levels pledgers and at the reduced price of 5€ for the others!

Thank you very much for your support!

39 hours left, we can now try to unlock the next stretchgoal, which is a huge miniature!

Ammon Miniatures has some more stretch goals posted they hope to break through in their last couple days up on Indiegogo.

From the update:

We have now reached 180% of our initial goal! Our first Stretchgoal has been ulocked, so here a new one revealed! We have now 4 days to unlock the exclusive dice and this exclusive miniature!

This one is a real wrestling beast, the master of the arena, without any respect for rules or even the referees…
It will be a huge miniature, more than 70mm tall, that will spead terror on the ring!

Ammon Miniatures is getting close to their first stretch goal over on Indiegogo. They've got a green of the model posted up as well.

From the update:

The early Wip of our first stretchgoal, we are now really close to unlock it!

If you want this miniature to be unlocked as the 1st stretchgoal of our campaign, please spread the word!

Thank you for your support!

Ammon Miniatures posted up a gameplay video for their Da Clash game that's still got a little over 2 weeks on Indiegogo and has already made their funding goal.

From the update:

Finally, here’s a video that will show you the basic game mechanics of Da Clash!

Please note that we have intentionally skipped some elements of the rules to show you only the basic gaming process.

Ammon Miniatures got up and over their funding goal for Da Clash over on Indiegogo. So it's stretch goals for the next 24 days.

From the update:

Thank you to all our backers and followers, we have just reached our goal!
It means that this project will become reality and that we’ll launch our game!
I am so excited right now, the next objective is to unlock the stretchgoal to have more minis and goodies for you.

Happy Luchador is Happy!

Ammon Miniatures will be attending Salute this Saturday. Stop by and give them all hugs. Tell them I said for you to. :D

From the announcement:

Ammon Miniatures will be present at Salute this saturday.
You will find us at the TC16 booth (and we are pretty sure you won’t be able to miss us!)

There you will be able to play Da Clash! See some previews and learn more about the project.

See you there!

Ammon Miniatures has launched their Indiegogo campaign in order to fund their new board game based on wrestling. It's called Da Clash.

From the campaign:

Da Clash! is a boardgame with miniatures for 2 players created and developed by Ammon Miniatures. Fun, fast and addictive, a game lasts for about 20 minutes.

Unique in its kind and innovative, it is a perfect crossover between a miniatures game and a board game. Da Clash! is intended for both pure gamers and miniatures lovers.

Inspired by the Mexican Lucha Libre, Z movies and weird comics, Da Clash! will make you experience the brawl of your life!

Beta-tested since 2011, the game met a big success in the gaming clubs and that’s why we are sure you will love it too!

Ammon Miniatures has announced a new board game they're working on called Da Clash. They'll be starting up an Indiegogo campaign for it here in a couple weeks.

From the announcement:

Be Ready! On 17th April, Ammon Miniatures will launch an Indiegogo campaign to fund their upcoming weird wrestling boardgame called Da Clash!
That's the first annoucement, you can expect tosee much more during the two weeks until launch!
Join our newsletter to be sure to have all the info!

Ammon Miniatures now has their Eva & Ike.0 available over in their webshop.

From the update:

We can finally release our latest mecano-sexy duo: Eva & Ike.0
Oh, and did we already told you that you can glue Ike.0 the way you want? This bot has 32 joints!
Enjoy! The first batch of 25 preorders have been sold only in 1 day, and this kit is only limited to 250 numbered copies!
You can now find this lovely kit in our online store.