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Games. We pretty much all play them. Promo items. We pretty much all want them. Renegade Game Studios is once more giving us both of those in their Level Up Loot 2 box, filled with promos for their
The Traveler has been chosen!Actually, they're just wandering around South America, seeing what they can see and sharing their wisdom as they go. The Traveler is the new expansion for Altiplano coming
In South America, there's a high plain known as the Altiplano (which I just realized means just "high plain"...). It's not the easiest life, but it certainly is one that is sustainable. Fishing, farmi
The high desert isn't the easiest place to live. The arid region in the Andes mountains offers few resources to those that want to call it home. But people do, indeed, call it home. But they have to m