Alpha Maille Chainmail Creations

Alpha Maille Chainmail Creations announces new bag style for DragonCon

Alpha Maille Chainmail Creations will have a new style dice bag available at DragonCon in a couple weeks here in downtown Atlanta.

Weyr Bag Preview


From the preview:

The time is finally here, we have been waiting several months to announce this exciting news! In honor of DragonCon just a week and a half away, we will be unveiling a new bag this week, "The Weyr Bag".
This amazing bag will have a new style of drawstring and feature two very unique charms that we have never used before as drawstring decoration. Stayed tuned dragon lovers, you will NOT want to miss this bag.
The Weyr Bag will be a limited edition run. Orders can be placed now till the end of DragonCon, after that we will no longer be offering them for sale until this time next year.

Here is a pic to whet you appetite.

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Alpha Maille practices their scales

Alpha Maille has some new products they're working on, including blacklight-sensative and hammered effects.


From the update:

Hello everyone, I have a couple new additions to my chainmail/scalemail dice bag line I'd like to share. UV reactive scales!! When these scales are subjected to a black light they will glow a blue/green color. We will be posting pics of a UV bag, complete with UV rings, later on this week. With every purchase, this bag will come with it's own UV keychain light. In addition to this, we are working on yet another new scale bag concept, hammered copper effect scales. We hope to unveil this later on in the week also. For anyone looking to buy dice, we stock those also. And lastly, we have added several new drawstring accessories to include dragons, spikes and even a new grenade cord lock.

Thanks for looking. Anyone that contacts us on fb and tell us they saw our post here will get a 15% discount off their entire purchase.

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Alpha Maille "show your dice" contest

Alpha Maille is holding a contest where you can win a dice bag and some new dice over on their Facebook page. All you have to do is show them your dice.
Note: Only replies to their FB post will be counted for the contest.


From the contest:

Who's ready for another giveaway? Up for grabs this month is a Dragon Slayer Dice Bag with a free set of dice! The winner will have the option to upgrade to either a Wyvern Series or a Charon Series (for a small upcharge).

This month is all about dice. We want to see your collection, be it small or large, we want to see them. I collect dice, especially unique ones like hit location, weather, treasure and any other specialty dice. My favorites are miniature polyhedral dice. Below you will see a small part of my collection I game with.

We've showed you ours, now lets see yours.

This giveaway will run till midnight this coming Saturday the 8th. All you have to do to be in the drawing is post a pic of your dice on this thread.
(For those unfamiliar on how to post a pic, simply click on the camera icon in the field where you type your comments, find it on your computer and viola!)

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Alpha Maille Product Spotlight Video

Alpha Maille has a new product spotlight video, showing off the options available for their dice bags.


About the video:

Hello all, I've posted here before showing my handmade items such as dice bags and armor I make using chainmail and scalemail. I wanted you to check out this awesome video presentation one of our fans put together for us showcasing some of our items!! Huge thanks to Joey Gee for making it. Thanks for watching!

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New Clear Scale Mail bag from Alpha Maille available

Alpha Maille created a new clear scale mail dice bag and has them for sale over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Here it is folks, the big mystery from earlier today. Introducing "The Invisible Bag of Holding"!
This bag is made of small, clear, plastic scales. It allows the rings connecting the scales together to show thru, thus opening the door to endless ring color combinations! The clear scales also allow you to see the contents in your awesome new stylish bag that your friends will be begging you to tell them where you bought it. Now you can show your dice off in style! Or maybe the handful of gold coins you just stole from the Dragon's treasury! Contact us today for ordering info.

This bag will hold 22 standard polyhedral dice comfortably with room to spare.
It measures 4" deep X 4" wide

$20.00 + $5.70 shipping

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Alpha Maille is Workin' on the Chain Maille Gang: Updated with sale!

Alpha Maille Chainmail Creations is a company that makes chainmail and scale maille dice bags, along with doing laser-engraving and other decorative pieces.


From the website:

Alpha Maille is your one stop shop for all things chainmail and scalemale. If you don't find what you are looking for on the site, email us and we can discuss making it for you.

Currently our products include, but are not limited to, dice bags, armor, jewelry, keychains, wallet chains, hacky sacks/juggling balls and anything you can dream up.

Mention you heard about us on TGN and get 10% off your order!

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