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Tuesday. We're into the work-week proper, having made it through Monday. If we've made it this far, certainly we can continue on. And continue on we shal, all the way back to the weekend. I know to he
Tuesday. We're into the work week proper. It's lining up to be a busy week. So, distractions are going to be the enemy. And I know that if I want to work without distractions, some gaming podcasts can
Tuesday. We're into the week, proper. It's been a busy start, and it's going to be a busy continuation. That's fine, since next week will be a short one. But to have a short week, gotta get everything
Tuesday and the work week is well underway. How's yours going? Hopefully well. My Monday seemed to go by quickly, which is always nice. To help make the rest of the week go by just as quickly, let's t
Tuesday. I don't know about you, but my Monday went by super-fast. Mostly because it was crazy busy. As will today be. And likely tomorrow, too. So, while I busily type my fingertips off, I'll be list
We've made it to Tuesday. The week is well underway. I know it started off busy enough yesterday. Seems this weekend was the time to send out all the news!! But then, it is that time of the year. Summ
Back in the office after a "day off" yesterday. So the week's already feeling like it's going to be going by quick (not a complaint), but to continue to help it along, here's the regular set of podcas
We're back at Tuesday. And I'm back in the office. Though it's also the first time I've been in the office. How does that work? Well, we're finally set up in the new digs. There's still plenty of stuf
Tuesday already?I guess that's what happens when you have Monday off. It was an odd day, being a mix of a regular workday (doing TGN stuff much of the morning), going grocery shopping midday (somethin
Still sick at home. So don't get too close to the screen as you're reading this. I don't want you to catch what I've got.In the meantime, there's a pair of podcasts to tell you about this week.Today w
Monday is gone. Tuesday is here. I'm working on still recovering a bit from the CMON Expo. Though last night I got a wild notion to make 2 batches of double-chocolate cookies and then make homemade ra
The natural order is maintained. Monday has given way to Tuesday.How was everyone's Monday? Mine was ok, but it seemed that a lot of people weren't having that great of a start to the week. As such, p
We've once again come to Tuesday. With any luck, your Monday wasn't so bad. I made s'mores last night. So my day was just fine (I found myself with extra graham crackers after making cheesecake last w
The great hurdle that is Monday is behind us. And as we go into Tuesday, we build momentum in order to overcome the hurdle of Wednesday. From there, it's a downhill slide into Thursday, Friday, and th
Did Monday just blow by for anyone else? I swear that every time I looked at the clock it'd jumped by an hour. This is not a complaint, mind you, particularly for a Monday. I'm just saying that I'm si
It's Tuesday and that means it's time for another Podcast Roundup. Tired of listening to your coworkers? Grab your headphones and get your nerd on.In this batch we have: Multiple videos from Through G
We've made our way to another Tuesday. The week is well and underway now.... is anyone else's Tuesday taking a long time, though?I mean, I woke up on time. I got in to work on time. I've been scheduli
Well, I've managed to solve my "thinking it's one day when it's really another" thing that was happening over the weekend. There was no doubting that yesterday was a Monday. Even though nothing bad ha
All Us Geeks takes a look at the Prohibition-era card game, Hooch, in this video preview.SourceFrom the post:Jeff takes a look at Hooch, from Talon Strikes Studios, on Kickstarter through October 20,