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The Escapees sub-faction in Alkemy have a new pair of figures they can add to their ranks. They're the Malikhs Fugitives, a pair of rangers who add a highly mobile set of fighters. Enemies beware when
A trio of new releases are available for Alkemy. Head on over to their webshop and pick them up for yourself. From the announcement: Toh R'ok, hero for Waga Clan (Miniature sculpte
Alchemist Miniatures have updated their Alkemy webship with a quartet of new releases. If you're looking to expand your forces, now's a great opportunity to do so. From the announce
Alchemist Miniatures has a clear goal in sight: get Alkemy onto as many gaming tables as possible. They've been working steadily toward that goal for quite some time now. The next stage of it is upon
The comeback for Alkemy continues. The skirmish game is on the road to recovery, a road which passes through another Kickstarter campaign. Alchemist Miniatures has announced they will be running a new
For those that have been waiting, there's a new batch of Alkemy releases available now over in their webshop. What? You mean to tell me you've not been waiting for these new releases? That's just sill
Spring has sprung.At least for those of us here in the Northern hemisphere. The days are getting longer. The grass is growing. The pollen is friggin' everywhere, coating everything in a green/gold pow
Fantasy skirmish game Alkemy has a new set of releases available over in their webshop to check out. New this month they have a whole new sub-faction. They are the Cobra Guard and they're here to mak
Alchemist Miniatures has launched their Alkemy Kickstarter campaign. This campaign is to fund two new factions for the game. And, well, that's done. The campaign just launched and they're already over
Friday, glorious gatekeeper to the weekend. For many of us, just a couple more hours until we, giddy as schoolchildren, run out of our offices and into several blissful days of doing... just... whatev
There's new life being breathed into Alkemy. Alchemist Miniatures are the new stewards of the system and are looking to get it onto more tabletops the world over. One of the best ways to make sure a g
Alchemist Miniatures is happy to announce that they're going to be taking over managing the Alkemy range of miniatures. The group, which is composed of several friends who have been fans of the Alkemy
Alkemy is showing off a picture of their new Auroch Manitou-Warrior.Note: I didn't really get a URL with this one and couldn't find it on their regular page, hence why just a link to the bigger pictur
Studio 38 has two new Alkemy releases available over on their website.From the update:Empire of the Jade Triad is honored: Inquisitor of the Dragon Guard and Triadic Sergeant !
Studio 38 has a trio of new Alkemy figures up on their website.From them to you:Studio 38 releases Disciple of the School of the Crystal Sun, Avalonian Templar and Mahritin Djinn.
Studio38 shows off a preview of Alkemy's Khaliman Republic fig. The website also helped me with my French.What they told me that I can read without translation:Here is a new-comer for Alkemy's Khalima
PDF versions of the new cards for the recent Alkemy releases are now available in English. From their announcement: The new cards for Alkemy are available in English for: Bushwacker Wolf Spirit Gua
STUDIO 38 have announced that they have acquired the Alkmey game and range and will be continuing to support it with continued production. From their announcement: STUDIO 38 announced that they are
Studio 38 is set to release several new figures for the Alkemy game. From their announcement: Studio 38, the company that bought the Alkemy miniature range is releasing new minis for the game. The