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Alban Miniatures

Alban Miniatures knows there's no such thing as "too detailed" when it comes to historical minis. As such, they've been working at redoing the hats for the British artillery crew to make sure they mos
Alban Miniatures is showing off the greens for the last missing pieces for the British Artillery Crew over in their Napoleonic Artillery Kickstarter.6th British crewman with tool boxBritish crew acces
Alban Miniatures is showing off some greens of the British Artillery crew sculpts they're working on for their Napoleonic Artillery Kickstarter campaign.Workbench preview British artillery crew 1Workb
Alban Miniatures has added another French Dragoon to their Napoleonic Artillery Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:Alban Miniatures have now offered an early bird Dragoon bonus along with 2 Fr
Alban Miniatures is showing off their French Dragoon sculpts for their stretch goal over on their Napoleonic Artillery Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the announcement:Alban Miniatures are offering a
Alban Miniatures brings more cannons to the table with some more varieties being added to their Napoleonic Artillery Kickstarter.SourceFrom the campaign:Alban Miniatures have adde a French Gribeauval
Alban Miniatures has started a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a new Napoleonic-era British artillery piece.SourceFrom the campaign:Alban Miniatures have decided that now is the time to dip the
Alban Miniatures has a whole bunch of new Napoleonic releases as well as pre-orders they're taking for their line.SourceFrom the announcements:Alban Miniatures Napoleonic masters for the 1/56 scale Au
Alban Miniatures will have their new Austrian Uhlan packs available over in their webshop. They're currently being spun up as I type this.SourceFrom the announcement:Alban Miniatures are pleased that
Alban Miniatures has some new Napoleonic miniatures with the release of their Grenzers.SourceFrom the release:Alban are now selling their 1/56 scale Austrian Grenzers (Croatian border troops).
Alban Miniatures helps your caffeine hands with the release of some new British Rifle decals for your minis.SourceFrom them to you:Alban Miniatures British rifles back pack and canteen decals are in s
Alban Miniatures is showing off some more of their ever-expanding line of Napoleonic models with new previews.Source
Alban Miniatures gives you a new way to purchase their Napoleonics models with their new eBay store.SourceFrom the announcement:Alban Miniatures are pleased to announce that their exclusive range will
Alban Miniatures continues to expand their Napoleonic range with their new French Voltiguer releases.SourceFrom the release:Alban Miniatures have now added a marching pack of line voltiguers to it's F
Alban Miniatures expands their Napoleonic range of miniatures with new Grenz border troops.SourceFrom the release:Alban Miniatures are expanding their infantry options and the Grenz packs are just one
Alban Miniatures takes a look onto their modelmaker's bench and shows off some Saxon Infantry they've been working on.SourceFrom the preview:Alban Miniatures sculpting work is underway on Napoleoniic
Alban Miniatures brings you some more options for your Napoleonic gaming table with some new Line Infantry options they'll be coming out with soon.SourceFrom the update:Alban Miniatures have just sent
Alban Miniatures have added two new Napoleonic Character Packs to their online store. From their announcement: Alban Miniatures are pleased to announce that it has added two character packs to it's
Alban Miniatures have released an updated sheet of Napoleonic British Rifle decals. From their announcement: We have improved our rifle decals and the new code DE1.1 Rifle Decals are on sale now. E