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Airlock Games

The Gaming Gang takes a look at Airlock Game's Counterblast sci-fi miniatures game in this new review article.SourceFrom the post:Counterblast is a skirmish level rule set and players can easily get i
Airlock Games is coming down to the last couple days on Kickstarter for their Counterblast sci-fi skirmish game. They're more than 2x funded, so there's a couple goodies in with your pledge if you joi
Airlock Games has just a few days left for their Counterblast Kickstarter campaign. They're zeroing in on their next stretch goal as well.SourceFrom the campaign:The Kickstarter project ends Friday! W
Airlock Games has unlocked the new Lancer Sniper (drawn by my good friend, Heath "BA" Foley) as part of their Counterblast Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:Well done everyone! I am very exci
Airlock Games has made it through another stretch goal for their Counterblast minis skirmish game Kickstarter. So that just means there's a new one to go for!SourceFrom the update:We have unlocked and
Airlock Games posted up a new Gameplay Demo Video for Counterblast over up on their Kickstarter campaign page.SourceFrom the update:The new video details step-by-step gameplay, describes significant c
Airlock Games has posted up some stretch goals for their relaunched Counterblast Kickstarter campaign. Bubble Helmets ahoy.SourceFrom the update:CONGRATULATIONS! You have now unlocked the Edo Leader P
Airlock Games rebooted their Counterblast Kickstarter and have reached their funding goal. So it's on to stretch goals for the next 24 days.SourceFrom the campaign:Counterblast is an adventure battle
Airlock Games has added a printed rulebook add-on to their Counterblast Kickstarter campaign. They've made nearly half their funding already.SourceFrom the update:We have a Printed Rulebook posted alo
Airlock Games has gotten their Kickstarter campaign for Counterblast underway. It's already 50% funded, so go check it out.SourceFrom the campaign:Counterblast is an adventure battle game set in an al
Airlock Games is showing off concepts and models for another faction for Counterblast with a preview of the Galactic Defense Force.SourceFrom the preview:The GDF faction is the most military force in
Airlock Games is showing off some previews for another faction for Counterblast. This time it's the Edofleini.SourceFrom the preview:The Edo faction of the Counterblast Adventure Battle Game is a crea
Airlock Games is showing off another faction for Counterblast with a look at the Mekkus.SourceFrom the preview:The Mekkus faction in the Counterblast Adventure Battle Game is almost exclusively mechan
Airlock Games is showing off another faction for their upcoming sci-fi miniature game, Counterblast, with a look at the Neiran Empire.SourceFrom the preview:The Neiran faction of the COUNTERBLAST: Adv
Airlock Games is showing off the Lancers for their upcoming Counterblast sci-fi minis game.SourceFrom the preview:We have posted a first look at one of the factions that will be available in the upcom
Airlock Games and Bombshell Miniatures have successfully merged. Check out their website and Facebook group and see what's in store for this year.SourceFrom the announcement:Bombshell Miniatures is no
Bombshell Miniatures and Airlock Games have posted up some new Counterblast Concept Art with a look at the Psider and the Shrinaar.SourceFrom the preview:A team of five different concepts artists have
Airlock Games and Bombshell Minis are showing off some new concept art for the upcoming Counterblast miniatures game they're working on.Source 1Source 2
Airlock Games has some new preview artwork posted up for Counterblast, their new sci-fi minis game that they're working on.From the preview:Here is the first look at some of the designs for the Galact