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Agnostic Giraffe Miniatures

Agnostic Giraffe is showing off a preview of the Fungus Sorcerer from their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the preview:Clean up still needs to be done on the obvious areas, but otherwise he's ready t
Agnostic Giraffe is in their final day over on Kickstarter (well, slightly more than, but still). If you want in on their campaign, now's the time.From the campaign:We're in the midsts of starting up
Agnostic Giraffe has just a little over a week left on Kickstarter. They've also started getting some models into the shop and are showing them off.From the update:Still plenty of stretch goals to be
Agnostic Giraffe has a new preview up on their Kickstarter (which has reached its funding goal) with the Mushroom Monk and Frogbear.From the update:Three cheers for progress. I had a lot of fun with
Agnostic Giraffe Miniatures just launched their Kickstarter project in order to get some freaky-deaky looking monster minis funded.From the campaign:Are you looking to spice up your collection of tabl