Agents of Venice

Z-Man Games Previews New Characters In Agents of Venice Expansion

It's a long way from Italy to China. And both places are pretty big. Marco Polo certainly wasn't alone that whole time. He met with all sorts of people along the way, each one having their own impact on the trip. In the upcoming Agents of Venice expansion for The Voyages of Marco Polo, there are new characters that you'll encounter along your trip. Z-Man Games gives us a look at them in this preview.

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Z-Man Games Posts New Agents of Venice Preview

Marco Polo heading out into the East is only half the story. It wouldn't be quite a big deal if he never returned. But when he did, he brought all his accumulated findings back and helped increase communication and trade between the two regions of the world. In the Agents of Venice expansion for The Voyages of Marco Polo, Marco Polo has made his way back to the famed city and is now looking to work with various trading houses. But how will that work? Well, find out in this preview from Z-Man Games.

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Z-Man Games Announces Agents of Venice Expansion For The Voyages of Marco Polo

The voyages of Marco Polo are legendary. There's many conflicting tales of what he did, where he went, and what he brought back, simply because it was seen as such a big deal. It's so mythical that there's games based on him, such as The Voyages of Marco Polo. That one, in particular, is getting a new expansion called Agents of Venice. You can check out this preview from Z-Man Games about what you can expect.

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