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More Warcry is making its way towards your tabletops. From Gen Con, over the weekend, Games Workshop has announced a new set. Head on through to get a sneak peek at what it will entail.
Under the sea. Under the sea. That's where the next season of Warhammer Underworlds is headed. Though the beach season is coming to a close here in the northern hemisphere, it's just getting there dow
The Kruleboyz are the new sub-faction for the Orruk Warclans on the block in Age of Sigmar. And as players are starting to get to know them, Games Workshop will be releasing new kits for them. In this
The Orruk Warclans are getting reinforcements in Age of Sigmar this week as part of Games Workshop's pre-orders. That includes Gobsprakk the warlock. Get a detailed look at his figure in this preview.
The Orruk Warclans got their new Battletome up in the Games Workshop webshop this past weekend. Next weekend, they're getting a bunch of new kits to go along with it. But that's not all, as there's a
Games Workshop has a whole host of new pre-orders available over in their webshop this week. And it's some big stuff. The Stormcast Eternals and Orruk Warclans have their new Battletomes for Age of Si
The Orruk warclans are getting a new Battletome in Age of Sigmar soon. If you're wondering what some of their new Warscrolls will look like, you get a chance in this preview. One's a pretty big 'un (a
The Orruk warclans are getting a new Battletome for Age of Sigmar soon. That will include new rules for the Path to Glory system that's being added to the game. In this preview, we get a look at what
A new Battletome for the Stormcast Eternals is making its way to Games Workshop's pre-order page this weekend. In this preview, we get a look at some of the special rules that are coming for the Age o
The Orks in 40k got themselves a new Codex this past weekend. Well, the fantasy Orruks in Age of Sigmar are right behind them with a new Battletome of their own this coming weekend. And opposing them
The pages of White Dwarf are a great place to find out all sorts of information about Games Workshop. The new issue is coming to pre-release soon and it'll contain an update for the Sons of Behemat fa
<weewoo weewoo weewoo> More Giant Dragons are making their way to the tabletops of Age of Sigmar. They're the Draconith Heroes and we get a look at some of the special abilities that they'll be
<weewoo weewoo weewoo> We have a Giant Dragon Alert going because new dragons are coming to Age of Sigmar. Powerful enough on their own, when they transport a mighty champion to battle, they get
The Stormcast Eternals. The unequivocal "good guys" of the Age of Sigmar world. They're getting a new Battletome soon for the game and Games Workshop is giving you a first look inside, along with some
The orruks might have their own, individual tribes, but they don't mind workin' together if there's a WAAAGH!! to be had. In this look at the Orruks for Age of Sigmar, we get a look at some of the spe
<weewoo weewoo weewoo> Another Giant Dragon Alert! We have another Giant Dragon Alert! There's no shortage of dragons of all types in Age of Sigmar, but what if you want the dragons to not just
Games Workshop likes to give something special to those that are able to make it out to their events that they run by letting them buy special, limited edition figures. Well, with the pandemic going o
If you've looked at Dominion, the new starter set for Age of Sigmar, and gone, "meh," then maybe one of the other starter sets that Games Workshop has in the works is for you. Three new ones are comin
You might have picked up Dominion, or you might not have. It's the new 2-player starter set for Age of Sigmar. But what if you want something a little different? Well, Games Workshop has 3 new options
It's a new month and there's a new exclusive mini available down at your local Games Workshop store. It's a new Stormcast Eternal figure for Age of Sigmar. There's also a special limited edition coin
So, the new edition of Age of Sigmar is upon us. Now that that bit of future is in the past, what's next? Well, new Orruk Warclans and Stormcast Eternals books and figures, that's what. Head on throug
The new edition of Age of Sigmar is hitting tabletops now. But if you just grab the new rulebook, you might be missing out on some of the changes. There's also been a major FAQ update for all the fact
The next of the Chaos Gods to get themselves featured in the updated factions for Age of Sigmar, Khorne is one of the ones even those outside of strictly GW fans might know of. At least in the form of
Still plenty of factions to go as Games Workshop previews changes for all of them coming in the new edition of Age of Sigmar. This time around, it's the Lumineth Realm-lords that get the nod. Head ove
Another day, another faction preview for Age of Sigmar... just how many are there, anyway? Geeze. Not actually a complaint. I just never realized how many there were before. Anyway, this time around,