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Sometimes, a model is initially released as part of a larger box set. But then, later on, it gets its own release. That's what we have here with the Hornblower Chaos Knight. Get a look at this herald
Age of Sigmar is the one with the most prominent releases next week. Two armies are getting new battletomes. They're the Sons of Behemat and the Lumineth Realm-lords. 40k gets a new decorative piece a
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set
A new month is almost upon us and with it, that means that Games Workshop has a new exclusive figure for their GW stores, as well as their new coins. Get a look at both in this preview.
We have Giant Robot Alert and Giant Dragon Alert. But we don't just have a general Giant Alert. But, if we did, it'd be going off now as Games Workshop is bringing a new Battletome to Age of Sigmar pl
We just changed seasons, so it seems fitting to have a new Tzeentch release for Age of Sigmar. He is the lord of change, after all. You can get their new Battletome for Age of Sigmar now. There's also
Hard to think that Games Workshop has been around for as long as it has. It's a staple of the gaming industry, that's for sure. While many companies are just celebrating 10 years, GW's got more than 3
Often in combat, size matters. And so, the Beast-smasher Mega-Gargants matter a lot. Get a look at these huge figures coming soon to Age of Sigmar in this preview.
Age of Sigmar gets the new releases next week with the Disciples of Tzeentch Battletome. But if you're a 40k player or the various Lord of the Rings properties, there's some made-to-order stuff that'l
40k had a whole ton of Chaos stuff going on for a few months there. But while they swap over to a new sector with the Squats, it's Age of Sigmar's turn to get some of that Chaos love. In this instance
The Lumineth Realm-lords are getting themselves a new battletome in Age of Sigmar. You can look in and see some of what's in store for these shining paragons of virtue in this preview.
Ah yes. No buff dudes or big armor or anything like that. The Ogor Mawtribes are instead built on the same body type I have. Representation matters. And they're getting a new battletome in Age of Sigm
Battletome: Slaves to Darkness is coming soon for Age of Sigmar. First shown off at NOVA Open, Games Workshop is giving us a look at some of the figures that'll have rules inside. And they're starting
With NOVA Open happening, Games Workshop has a lot of new stuff to show off. And they've conveniently placed all of it into one space for you. Head on through to check out new Age of Sigmar, 40k, and
Games Workshop has yet another pretty decent-sized week over in their pre-order shop. They've got the new Age of Sigmar box set, as well as some other kits for it. There's a new Warcry book and sets a
The new version of Warcry has been out not long now and people are trying it out. Been thinking about doing the same but want to look at the rules first? Then you're in luck, as Games Workshop has pos
I know, "We need to talk about the future of this game" often means it's going away, but it's the exact opposite here with Games Workshop and Warcry. Short version is that the game's going to be getti
"Gee. GW had quite a ton of stuff going into their pre-release shop this past weekend. I guess next weekend will be a bit lighter." *goes to look* "... ... ... NOPE!" Games Workshop is not letting up
Arcane Cataclysm is the new box set coming soon for Age of Sigmar. In it are several new miniatures, including Scinari Enlightener Denezia Warwidow. Get a look at her figure and some of her abilities
The new year of Warhammer+ is coming soon. And with it, Games Workshop is releasing two exclusive minis for it. Of course, since it's everything Chaos this year, they're Chaos minis. Get a look at the
Have a question about how something works in Age of Sigmar? Want to make sure you have the right wording for your units? Then Games Workshop is here to help. They've posted the most up-to-date FAQ and
A new month is almost upon us. That means a new exclusive mini and coin available at your local Games Workshop store. This month, it's a new Clanrat for Skaven.
The next 2-player box for Age of Sigmar is just on the horizon. It's called Arcane Cataclysm and it pits the light of the Lumineth Realm-Lords against the Disciples of Tzeentch. Get a first look insid
We got a points update, but what about updating models that needed a bit more of a tweak to their stat block? Well, that's here, too, as Games Workshop has posted a Balance Update for Age of Sigmar. G
With so many different moving parts in Age of Sigmar, it takes constant tweaks to make sure things are running smoothly. And that occasionally means turning some dials. In this instance, it's updating
If you play Age of Sigmar, Necromunda, or 40k, you'll want to take a look at what's going on with the pre-releases this week from Games Workshop. New books. New model kits. New bundles. New accessorie