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Aetztech has some new etched brass plates over on PK-Pro. Go have a look-see.From the release:Aetztech presents their new Building-Signs-1 and Warning-Tapes-2. The Building-Signs-1 are coming on a 5 x
PK-PRO has some new etched brass token sets available on their website. They're down at the bottom. Also, it's in German.From the update:Aetztech brings out some new etched brass! A new big set of bui
Aetztech has posted new etched Brass for September.From their announcment:Hey Folks, Aetztech brings out new treadplate sheet (one bar) and wine tendrills. All are fitting for 28-32 mm miniatures!
PK-PRO have announced two new Aetztech etched brass releases for June 2011. From their announcement: Aetztech brings out new etched brass in June 2011. There will be the original barbed wire which co
PK-Pro have released two new Aetztech etched brass products. From their announcement: Hey folks, Aetztech releases new etched brass. A latin character set and a roman numerals set. Both 5 x 3 cm
SNC-Studio and PK-PRO have opened a new online range called Aetztech to sell their brass etched products. From their announcement: Hello community, From now on you can preorder the brand new etch