Aetheric Dreams

The Great Game playtest version posted

Aetheric Dreams has posted up a free, playtest version of their The Great Game rules for you to check out and give your feedback on.

The Great Game


From the post:

The Great Game has been released as a freely available playtest until January. From Aetheric Dreams, creators of the ENnie and Origins nominated Nights of the Crusades, it offers an original Lovecraftian steampunk setting in the time and place of the historical Great Game – when the British and Russian empires fought over Central Asia. The rules system is also original, though it shares a distant ancestry with that of Nights of the Crusades. Aetheric Dreams are asking for feedback on how your gaming group interacts with the rules and setting.

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The City of 10 Rings, city encounters for Nights of the Crusades, available from Aetheric Dreams

Aetheric Dreams has released their City of 10 Rings supplement book for Nights of the Crusades.


From the release:

The City of 10 Rings is a great metropolis of dark fantasy and eccentric NPCs. Within the pages are sections devoted to each of the 10 areas (or rings) of the city, that describe 100 pathways, 100 locations and 100 possible events that could occur when exploring - to give a Tale-Weaver inspiration for 1001 adventure-seeds.

The City of 10 Rings can be used as an idea-generator for whenever PCs encounter a large, mysterious city. It also introduces additional names and NPC's for use within the Nights of the Crusades setting.

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Nights of the Crusades now Pathfinder RPG compatible

Aetheric Dreams now has their Nights of the Crusades world compatible with the Pathfinder RPG system.

From the announcement:

Nights of the Crusades is a roleplaying game set in a land and time that is familiar on the surface, but within its cracks lie tales of alchemy, madness and violence. It is a world that could have happened and then been lost to barbarity and time. Players take on characters that can explore its lands and plunder them for wealth, glory or knowledge. The world is rife with dark cults, creatures that dwell in unseen places and bloodthirsty warriors. This is a time when anyone’s thoughts, from king to slave, are enough to condemn them to death and hell, and many are they that will line up to cheer the execution.

The setting of Nights of the Crusades is a mixture of the One Thousand and One Nights, the history surrounding the Crusades and both modern and ancient tales of terror. This is a Pathfinder Compatible adaptation that includes details of the setting, how to use the Pathfinder rules to run a campaign and three new classes:

- The Caravan Merchant, an intrepid explorer that aids a group though a chest filled with exotic treasures
- The Orator, who commands a small group of followers and inspires allies through intense speeches
- The Scholar, a knowledge-seeker who walks the path of invention, lore, medicine or a combination of the three.

As well as 2 monsters and an adventure to launch you into the world of Nights of the Crusades.

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Aetheric Dreams releases 100 Travel Encounters - Tales for Dark Roads

Aetheric Dreams gives DMs a whole slew of new ideas for encounters on the long and winding roads between outposts with their 100 Travel Encounters - Tales for Dark Roads supplement.

From the release:

Your players have set out on a long journey over the lawless land between cities and villages. During these times of war, petty rulers have their army stretched. They must defend their strongholds but also march out to contain their enemies. This has left the road to chaos. Bandits and worse take what they can, from those who are not swift enough to avoid them, or cannot hold their possessions through force of arms.

The road is a place where the curtain of civilisation is torn apart, and the stage is given to the beasts and killers amongst men. Yet there are those who take the gamble on barren paths; facing starvation, robbery and the elements, in the hope of gaining a reprieve from poverty or the confinement of besieged cities.

100 Travel Encounters - Tales for Dark Roads can be used as an idea-generator for whenever PCs begin a perilous overland journey.

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Aetheric Dreams releases The Tower by the Sea for Nights of the Crusades

Aetheric Dreams has released The Tower by the Sea module for the Nights of the Crusades game. Available over on DriveThru RPG

From the release:

After a perilous adventure, the characters have stumbled into the care of Zainab, a kindly old woman in her tower by the sea. As they begin their journey home, they pass a nearby village, Nur’Kush, and are confronted with a dark horror. Blame for it falls at the feet of Zainab. The characters must find the truth; or the madness that envelopes Nur’Kush will continue.

This Chapter for Nights of the Crusades melds tales from Sinbad's adventures and ancient Greek myth, and reveals insights into the Wavering Flame's practices. It also includes new creatures, items and abilities that can be used by a Tale-Weaver for any future games.

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