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Aeronautica Imperialis

While the Orks tend to have the biggest whatever around because that's what they do, the Imperial navy certainly likes to go big as well. Such is the case with the Marauder Colossus, coming soon to Ae
When you're high up in the skies, you may feel that the ground below you simply doesn't exist. But it most definitely does, and if you're a military aircraft, there's a good chance that the enemy has
Deep down, I'm still a greenskin at heart. And that's why I'm excited about this week's Forge World pre-order of the Mega Bommer for Aeronautica Imperialis. Though, I gotta admit, I know it'd cost a p
warmaster 91 days ago
Nuts! The "whole" game for 40 pounds (at least here in Poland). One model for 60 pounds. I'd rather buy two main boxes.
Already got this week's orders already made? Want to know what you can spend your money on next week over at Games Workshop? Head over and see just what's coming up in next week's Pre-Orders.
In my heart of hearts, I'll always be a greenskin. So, seeing this makes me just smile. It's the new Mega Bommer coming for Aeronautica Imperialis. To be honest, I'd love one of these 40k-scaled, even
The pre-orders section of the Games Workshop website sure did get filled out this week. They've got quite a lot going on. There's the new snotling team for Blood Bowl along with a new pitch for them.
You think you live forever. You don't find that profound. You won't think you're so clever when you see a Thunderhawk Gunship flying underground. Yes, it's not their normal habitat, but in the upcomin
Take to the skies in two new ships for Aeronautica Imperialis from Forge World. Sure, they're maybe not quite as iconic as a Thunderhawk Gunship, but the Arvus Lighters and Vulture Gunships are import
Off we go into the wild blue grimdark future where there is only war. Games Workshop has new kits available to order for Aeronautica Imperialis, their dogfight game set in the world of 40k. That inclu
Convention season kicks off early every year with the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Want to get a jump on what's going to be coming out during the year? It's the place to be. In this instance, it's what Games W
Apparently, Games Workshop was just like, "Well, we'll make it all available now" this weekend. There's a new Battletome for Age of Sigmar. There's a new book for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game
Sometimes, a company's just like, "Ok, we're going to release just a ton of everything that we have. Ready-set-go!" That seems like what GW's up to this week. There's some new Aeronautica Imperialis h
Shoom! Shoom! Dakka-dakka-dakka! Neeeeeroooom! Bshhhh! Aaaaah! *moves the little planes around by their stands while making sound effects* Err... umm... yes. *puts toy planes away* Games Workshop has