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The great kings of ancient Egypt were known for being buried with masses of treasure. But now, it's you can land a mass of treasure by getting the Premium Edition of Valley of the Kings from AEG for c
The card-crafting game Edge of Darkness is meeting up with the other card crafting game Mystic Vale, as the two stories come together in Emissaries of the Vale, the new expansion for Edge of Darkness
A new expansion for the card-crafting worker-placement game, Edge of Darkness, is coming soon to Kickstarter. It's called Emissaries of the Vale and it will add tons of new options to your games. AEG
While much of the world is getting back to some semblance of "normal," there's still a lot of questions about conventions and such. If you can't make it out to one, AEG's looking to bring it to you wi
Smash Up has a whole ton of expansions out there. If you've fallen behind, it can seem a bit financially daunting to catch back up. Well, AEG's helping, as they're running a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) sa
Building a continent isn't easy. There's a lot to take into consideration and a lot of varying landscapes you can create. Ecos: New Horizon, a new expansion to Ecos: First Continent, gives you just su
Do you have an idea for the next big game? Or even just a small game you think people would enjoy? Something in-between? Want a chance to get it created? Then AEG is looking for you. They've got their
The Dark Council is organizing the monsters in the surrounding countryside to attack the city. Shore up the city's defenses and repel their onslaught in Meeples & Monsters, a new bag-building engi
"Where can I get that cool game?" It's a question gamers ask all the time. Knowing what company's going to be distributing a game can really make a difference in getting that game onto your tabletop.
The great race is on! Cubes of all types are looking to win the annual Cube Cup competition. But who will cross the finish line first? That's up to you to decide in Cubitos, a new board game now avail
Smash Up is the card game from AEG of sending out Minions and breaking Bases. The game has a bunch of expansions utilizing all kinds of themes and now, a new one is available, and it's a big one. It's
Warlord was the card game of D20 combat, pitting your fighters against your opponent's. It's been gone for a very long time, but it's coming back, at least in a limited form. AEG will be taking pre-or
I know. I know. We don't cover CCGs all that often on the page. However, this one is kinda close to my heart. Warlord was a game I played way back in the day. Heck, my LGS had the Warlord fever so muc
The cube. It's a pretty standard shape. 6 equal sides. Pretty unassuming. But when the cubes are trying to race as quickly as they can across the finish line, things will get interesting. And that's w
Do you have a game idea? Do you think it'd be the next big thing in gaming? Want to get it published by one of the biggest publishers in the business? Well, AEG is taking submissions and in this time
One last sales announcement for you today. This one's from AEG and it's a 20% off of everything sale going on now. It's 20% because 2020, but if you hold out, I bet it'll be even better in 2099 (not a
Build your deck, gather your gear, and head down into the dungeon. AEG's Thunderstone Quest is more than a deck-builder, it's a dungeon-delver too. And it's got two new expansions up on Kickstarter.
I need a new internal compass. I can't find East at 7am on a clear morning in August. Maybe I'll pick up Inner Compass from AEG and see if that'll help. If I do it now, I can save 25%. So you can you.
Who doesn't love to save money? Nobody, that's who. And if you're still stuck inside during quarantine, you might be looking around and wishing you had a new game to add to your collection. Well, take
The great pharaohs of Egypt knew how to live. They certainly liked the fancier things in life. And so it seems only right to have a premium edition of Valley of the Kings. But you don't want to be spe
Who doesn't like saving money? Nobody, that's who. And if you're looking to get Ecos: First Continent and save a couple bucks in the process, now's your chance. It's not some piddling 10 or 20 percent
Another sale item is up over in AEG's webshop. This time around, get War Chest and get Curios for free. No coupon code required. Just buy one game and get another for nothing. And who doesn't love get
Yarr arr yarr. I loddie the hotpants!It's time to get into some swashbuckling action and head into the high seas for adventure. AEG has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Dead Reckoning, their 4X
AEG has some more of their summertime sales happening over in their webshop. This time around, it's Space Base. Get the game and get a free Dreadnaught promo pack for free. No coupon required. Head ov
Dead Reckoning is coming in just a couple weeks from AEG. But they're looking to get you some pirate goodness right now. They've got special pirate-themed promo cards for Tiny Towns, Santa Monica, and