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I am awful at growing houseplants. My apartment's on the bottom floor, surrounded by hills and tall trees. I can't get much natural light in here. So, try as I might, I just can't get anything to grow
It might be a bit retro, but I've always had a fondness for old wallpaper. Flat colors are fine, but wallpaper can really give character to a room. Unfortunately, I can't really do much here in my apa
56 Unpainted Fantasy Mini Figures
There's been a ton of stuff that's been celebrating its 10th anniversary recently. One that I remember originally coming out is Smash Up. The game of taking and breaking bases has been around for a de
It's a beautiful day to head on down to the horseracing track and maybe put a couple bucks down on a prize pony to win it all. That's where you find yourself in Ready Set Bet, a new board game coming
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! AEG is setting sail for the high seas with a new expansion for their card-building game, Dead Reckoning. It's the new saga expansion, Letters of Marque. Head thro
Summer's almost here in the northern hemisphere. High temperatures. Blazing sun. Bugs. ... ... Sounds like a perfect time to stay inside where it's cool and play some board games. And that's just what
If you're looking to head back into the dungeons of Thunderstone Quest but you're wishing you had some new foes to tackle, you're in luck. AEG has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Nature's Wrath an
Wormholes is coming soon from AEG. They asked peter McPherson, the game's designer, to give us all a bit of insight into its creation. We get a bit of the base foundation in this first entry.
I mean, Community Manager would be cool, but what if you could be the one in charge of it all? AEG is looking to hire a new VP of Sales & Marketing. If you're wanting to shoot straight to the top,
Beware the cute things. It may seem like a good idea to just have the cute Priggles around, but they're clingy little bastards. So, even though they're good for getting rid of aliens, it can be hard t
A new meeple-rolling game (yes, meeple-rolling) is coming to Kickstarter next month from AEG. It's called Rolling Heights. Head on through to sign up and be notified when the game launches.
AEG's certainly not sitting out the sales time of year. They've got special deals where you can get 50% off select games and even end up with a free copy of Thunderstone Quest: Barricades.
Black Friday is next week. But going on now, AEG has their Green Friday sale happening. When you order Tiny Towns, you get the entire line of expansions for one special price. Head on over and check i
It's the week of Halloween and AEG has a special haunted treat for you. Pick up Whirling Witchcraft and get an extra special surprise with Custom Heroes for free. We're gonna need a bigger plastic pum
The great kings of ancient Egypt were known for being buried with masses of treasure. But now, it's you can land a mass of treasure by getting the Premium Edition of Valley of the Kings from AEG for c
The card-crafting game Edge of Darkness is meeting up with the other card crafting game Mystic Vale, as the two stories come together in Emissaries of the Vale, the new expansion for Edge of Darkness
A new expansion for the card-crafting worker-placement game, Edge of Darkness, is coming soon to Kickstarter. It's called Emissaries of the Vale and it will add tons of new options to your games. AEG
While much of the world is getting back to some semblance of "normal," there's still a lot of questions about conventions and such. If you can't make it out to one, AEG's looking to bring it to you wi
Smash Up has a whole ton of expansions out there. If you've fallen behind, it can seem a bit financially daunting to catch back up. Well, AEG's helping, as they're running a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) sa
Building a continent isn't easy. There's a lot to take into consideration and a lot of varying landscapes you can create. Ecos: New Horizon, a new expansion to Ecos: First Continent, gives you just su
Do you have an idea for the next big game? Or even just a small game you think people would enjoy? Something in-between? Want a chance to get it created? Then AEG is looking for you. They've got their
The Dark Council is organizing the monsters in the surrounding countryside to attack the city. Shore up the city's defenses and repel their onslaught in Meeples & Monsters, a new bag-building engi
"Where can I get that cool game?" It's a question gamers ask all the time. Knowing what company's going to be distributing a game can really make a difference in getting that game onto your tabletop.
The great race is on! Cubes of all types are looking to win the annual Cube Cup competition. But who will cross the finish line first? That's up to you to decide in Cubitos, a new board game now avail
Smash Up is the card game from AEG of sending out Minions and breaking Bases. The game has a bunch of expansions utilizing all kinds of themes and now, a new one is available, and it's a big one. It's