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I am still livin' with your... ghost.

Wait, wrong Santa Monica. This is the new board game from AEG. It would've been released in stores this month, but considering the state of affairs in the world, AEG's decided to let you order some directly from them. You can head over and get yours now.

Smash Up is custom-built for adding factions from pretty much every genre. Well, thanks to the team-up between AEG and The OP Games, we're getting some new decks coming in the form of Smash Up: Marvel. Yup, your favorite superheroes will soon have cards of their own trying to break bases and defeat minions.

It's amazing what people will do for a shiny piece of metal. At least, that's what the animals in Tiny Towns have figured out. While digging out a hole in a hill to make more space, they came across a seemingly useless metal. It wasn't good for building, but melting it down and turning it into little discs has really taken off. Now, everyone wants these "coins." And that's just what Fortune, the new Tiny Towns expansion, brings to the game. You can pick up your copies now.

I am still livin' with your... ghost...

Wait, wrong Santa Monica. This is a new card game coming from AEG. Players are ownders of a bit of beachfront property and must build up their beach amenities. Add in tourist attractions and give the locals a nice place to hang out. This new game will be hitting stores this April.

You're just going about your day, thinking everything's just fine, when suddenly you hear a rumbling and grumbling coming from the sewer grates. What could it be? Where's your little brother and his toy paper boat? You may not want to find out the answers to those questions, but in Thunderstone Quest: What Lies Beneath, you will. It's the new expansion for the popular deck-building game and it's available now.

The lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly is pretty amazing. They start in Mexico, then fly all the way up to Canada before flying all the way back again. However, desipte this migration has been happening for thousands of years, not a single butterfly has made the entire journey. How can that be? Because it takes multiple generations to make each full migration. And it's recreating that epic journey that you'll be doing in Mariposas, a new board game coming from AEG.

In Smash Up, players crash together two factions and create something strong out of the team-up. Well, the game is now a representation of real life because AEG and The Op Games (aka - USAopoly) are teaming up and they will be releasing new factions for the wild card game.

The Earth's a pretty sweet place, right? Vast plains. Majestic forests. Soaring mountains. Deep oceans. Ah, just wonderful...

But... like... what if those mountains were over there? Or maybe those plains swapped with that ocean? Or... you know what, we should just start from scratch. And that's what you'll be doing in Ecos: First Continent, a new world-building game available now from AEG.

AEG is headed to kickstarter to get you a new expansion for Edge of Darkness, the card-building, deckbuilding, worker-placement game (it's got a little bit of everything). This expansion is called Cliffs of Coldharbor and it adds in 12 more locations, along with the contacts and threats that such a new set of places would include. This is a quick campaign, so if you want in, don't dawdle.

A new expansion for Edge of Darkness is coming soon from AEG. It's the Cliffs of Insanity! *re-reads notes*
Wait, no, no, it's The Cliffs of Coldharbor. My bad. This new set will be coming to Kickstarter in just under 2 weeks (September 23rd).

Did you know that Gen Con is just next week? Yeah. Crazy, right? Well, for those that'll be going to the show (and I know there's a bunch of you out there), AEG is no taking pre-orders for their upcoming releases that they'll have there. And you can save on shipping because you can just pick up your games while in Indy.

For you deckbuilder and adventure game fans out there, there's Thunderstone Quest. Build your deck. Delve into the dungeon. Grab the loot. All the good stuff. AEG is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for two new adventure expansions for the game as well as a new group of heroes you can take on the role of. Go have a look-see.

Mystic Vale, the card-building game from AEG where players slide semi-transparent pieces into their cards to build them as they play, has a new expansion. It's called Harmony, and it adds plenty of new elements to the game, especially for those who love updating cards to more-powerful levels.

You might have the previous version of Valley of the Kings. You might even have all 3 games in the series. But AEG's still bringing you something new with their Premium Edition Kickstarter. There's new elements, a new box ready to hold everything in one, a special price, and the chance to get it several months before the expected general release (and we all know how much gamers love to be the first ones on the block with the latest and greatest games).

Mystic Vale is an interesting take on the deck-building genre, as you actually change your cards in your deck, instead of changing the overall count of cards in the deck itself. In the physical world, this relies on sleeved cards that you'll insert transparent other cards into. However, in the Digital version that's available now, it is as simple as changing the cards for "real." You can download and play this version now.

Someday, I hope to make it out to Essen. I would really love that. I've been to Gen Con, but from what I hear Essen is all that and then some. But the drive from Atlanta is kinda rough. But if you are headed to Essen, and you're a retailer, you'll want to check out the ESSENtial Retailer Summit while you're there. If you really want to know what companies will be coming out with that you will want to stock in your store, it's the place to be.

When the Scorpius system was first colonized 100 years ago, those that came to the new system thought that they would be the start of a new and free society, better than any that had come before. However, the government has decided that only they know best, and so control every aspect of people's lives. However, rebellion is growing from within. That's where you find yourself in Scorpius Freighter, a new game coming from AEG. Pre-orders are being taken now for those that want to pick up the game at Essen.

In war, it's not just the actions of troops out on the battlefield that matter. There's a whole network of reserve units and supplies that must also be taken into account. In War Chest from AEG, players must manage their hand of Unit Coins, playing them at the right time in order to place their Control Markers. The first one to place all 3 is the winner. You can pick up your copy now.

Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Woo!
My favorite day of the week, as I can just sit back, relax, and do some gaming.
Nevermind that this week I'm vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning countertops in the den. That's important, too.
So, while I try and figure out just how much dust a single lamp can acquire, let's get you those reviews you so desperately desire.

Today we have: Atlantis: Island of the Gods, Build It with Bryan, Sea of Plunder, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tiny Epic Quest, Way of the Panda, Dogmight Games Sentinel Board Game Box, Anatomy Fluxx, Head of Mousehold, Robinson Crusoe 2nd Edition, Who Should We Eat?, Among the Stars iOS, Thunderstone Quest, Ticket to Ride: New York, Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg, Junk Orbit, Nine Worlds, Nimble, For King & Parliament, and Warhammer 40k: Kill Team.

AEG is running another Kickstarter for their popular Thunderstone Quest deck-building game. It's called Back to the Dungeon, and it includes their previous material, along with all-new items. It's a bit more of everything, and includes rules for solo and co-op play.
Thunderstone was one of the first deckbuilding games I ever played. I love the building aspect, along with the dungeon delving bits. Well, AEG is bringing us Thunderstone Quest, the new evolution of the game. It's coming to Kickstarter next month, hitting the site on July 17th.
Well, it would seem as though someone has some mail. Z-Man Games has acquired Love Letter, the quick social deduction card game, from AEG. Along with the original version, this acquisition also includes some of the other versions of the game that also are out there.
That's quite a piece of mail.
Man, I wish I could go out into space. You know, head to distant planets. Take control of huge space stations. Build fleets of ships to help get and trade resources. That kind of thing. Sadly, at the moment, you can only get to space if you're an astronaut or ridiculously wealthy. Being neither of those things, if I want to do all that stuff listed at the top, I'll just have to live vicariously through Space Base, a new dice game available now from AEG.
AEG has launched a Kickstarter campaign for what they're calling their most ambitious board game ever. Edge of Darkness involves deck building and card modification (like in Mystic Vale) along with worker placement, area control, and threat elements, all rolled into one. Take control of one of the four guilds and fight to keep the land of Aegis alive.
The thing about Smash Up is that AEG can pull in references from pretty much everywhere in order to make new factions. In this case, they're hitting the wayback machine to the time of disco, bell bottoms, platform shoes, and polyester leisure suits. Yes, it's the 70s.