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Adventures Under the Laughing Moon

Laughing Moon released their The Ragged Man special edition module over on DriveThruRPG.From the announcement:A blend of fantasy and horror, The Ragged Man adventure is a 3 part game that packs a lot
Laughing Moon is looking to fund their first stand-alone adventure for their RPG system. Go check them out on Kickstarter.From the announcement:Laughing Moon is working on the very first stand-alone a
Hellfire Club Mug
Laughing Moon Girls is a website devoted to the fiction of The Laughing Moon Chronicles, focusing mostly on the female lead characters. They've got a new piece up based around the Raven Duchess.From t
Adventures Under the Laughing Moon recently got an update to their core rulebook. Check them out, available at DriveThruRPG.From the update:A story-based, character driven RPG, Adventures Under the La