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Adventure Time Card Wars

What time is it!?12pm, Eastern, actually... Err, I mean, Adventure Time!It's also time to expand your Adventure Time Card Wars collections with their new Doubles Tournament Game. This new set brings y
Ah, Saturday. What cannot be accomplished on a day like today?*hears someone shout out "You can't build Rome in a day!"* ... Ok, besides that. *hears people shout out hundreds of other things* Ok, fin
On the long drive up to Adepticon, Blackstock and I had conversations about many topics. One was parallel universes and alternate realities. Like how, right now, there's an infinite number of mes, all
It's good to have a plan. Here, early in the year, planning out what you might want to purchase later on can help you create a budget. That way, when a game you're looking to get comes out, you've sav
What time is it!... well, about 10am, Eastern.But it's also Adventure Time!Cryptozoic has released the Adventure Time Card Wars Collector Pack number 5: Lemongrab vs. Gunter.Playable right out of the
What time is it?... well, about 9:44am, as I'm typing this...But that's beside the point. It's really adventure time! BOOM! Studios, Cryptozoic Entertainment, and Cartoon Network are forming a Voltron
Oh my glob. Adventure Time Card Wars is getting a new expansion. Get ready to floop the pig in new an exciting ways with the Ice King vs. Marceline set. Inside, you'll get two new decks with which to