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Ah, Sunday.
For me, at least, the relaxing day of the week. Sure, there's chores to do like laundry and cooking for the week, but overall, it's a day to just relax a bit. Also, I'm told there's some major sporting event-thing going on today. Ok, I know it's the Super Bowl. But I'm more of a "hockey" guy than a "football" guy. But hey, if you are going to watch the Super Bowl, nothing goes better than a bunch of bite-sized snacks.

Speaking of bite-sized, here's some bite-size stories to munch on.

Today we have: ADAPT Card Game Reaches Funding Goal, Nightmare Forest: Dead Run Reaches Funding Goal, New Old West Releases From Knuckleduster, Battle Arena Show Reaches Funding Goal, New Statuesque Asylum character and TWO new sizes of female head sprues, New Warsenal Limited Edition Unit Markers for Infinity The Game Released, New Video Preview for Polyversal 6mm SciFi Game, The Rhinotaur Added to Circle of Chaos Kickstarter, Age of Tyrants announces how to play videos, The Dryden Heavy Destroyer Miniature is Now Available, and Mountain Miniatures preview pics for End of Times Kickstarter.

My group that I played minis with back in St. Louis was rather competitive. They always wanted to be at the very top of their game for when going to tourneys. The issue they were looking to avoid was being "a big fish in a small pond." That is, they wanted their skills to be good enough to compete on large-scale events. As such, they had to adapt to all sorts of new styles and metas in order to keep up. Well, being a big fish in the big sea and adapting to make sure you survive is the whole premise behind A.D.A.P.T., a new card and dice game by Gate Keeper Games that's up on Kickstarter now.