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AD Publishing

If you're looking for a new squad-based skirmish miniatures game, the folks over at AD Publishing might just have it. They have released Victory Decision: Raid! over on their website. The game is desi
AD Publishing brings you more with this bonus update for their Future Combat rulebook for Victory Decision.SourceFrom the update:The Future Combat book was updated again. While writing the next book -
AD Publishing released their new Victory Decision: Future Combat supplement book. Go grab your plasma rifle and get firing!SourceFrom the release: Victory Decision: Future Combat is a comprehensive ga
AD Publishing now has their Gear Krieg supplement for Victory Decision available as a print-on-demand product. So you can have a hard copy sent to you directly.From the announcement:The print on deman
AD Publishing has released a new Gear Krieg book for Victory Decision. Go have a look-see.From the release:Victory Decision: Gear Krieg is a stand alone rulebook and a comprehensive guide to using Two
AD Publishing has now given you the option of getting their Victory Decision: WWII book in full color softcover, for those of you, like me, who still like to have a hard copy of your gaming books.From
AD Publishing is giving away free preview booklets for their Gear Krieg Zombie expansion. Seems fitting for this time of year.From the announcement:This is a free supplement for our "Victory Decision:
AD Publishing has a free-to-get update to their Victory Decision German Technical Manual up on their website. Go give it a look.From the update:The book gets 2 additional pages, now over 132 guns and
AD Publishing has a new Early War Victory Decision booklet out for the US Army, and it's free!From the update:The next book in the Early War series: The Early-Mid War US Infantry Field Guide is releas
AD Publishing now has Victory Decision available a la Francais.From the announcement:We have just uploaded a free Victory Decision French language Reference sheet at the Wargame Vault.So if you are in
AD Publishing gives you some guides for Early-Mid War Soviets with their most recent Victory Decision release.From the release:The next book in the Early War series: The Soviet Infantry Field Guide is
AD Publishing now has their Victory Decision Early War books for Germany and Poland available.From the announcement:The Early-Mid War German Infantry Guide and the Polish Army Guide are released!These
AD Publishing is celebrating 1 year of Victory Decision: WWII and you're getting the presents with their Free Soviet Tank booklet available on their website.From the party people:OK, time for the last
AD Publishing is having a sale on their Victory Decision books over on Wargame Vault. Why not pick up a copy or twelve while they've got the prices cut so low?From the announcement:The sale is part of
AD Publishing is celebrating 1 year of Victory Decision by showing off preview pages from upcoming books and other fun promotions. Here's the first: a fre Gear Krieg preview over on Wargame Vault.1 ye
AD Publishing continues their Victory Decision series with the Chinese guide over on their website.From the update:The Pacific War Army Guide supplements for our "Victory Decision: World War II" minia
AD Publishing just released their Australian Independent Company Field Guide (it's down the page a bit) for Victory Decision.From the release:The Pacific War supplements for our "Victory Decision: Wor
AD Publishing releases their Chindit Field Guide for Victory Decision, their WWII game.From the release:The Pacific War Army Guide supplements for our "Victory Decision: World War II" miniatures game
Agis Page has the USMC army guide for their Victory Decision WWII miniatures game now available. Several page previews are on their site for you to see. Go check it out!From the update:The Pacific War
Ad Publishing has released a special preview of Victory Decision, the World War II game.From their website:Just a short announcement, the Victory Decision: World War II - Preview is released.It is a F