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American Civil War

Happy International Tabletop Day, everyone! *party cannon*I hope you're celebrating in style. I know some of you are out at KingdomCon. Others of you are at PeteCon. Still others are just hanging out
We're already to Wednesday. That's what happens when you've got a day off at the start of the week.This'll be my last day here in the old office. We're moving up the street a couple miles to a new bui
Happy Thanksgiving Eve!Or, for those of you not in the US. Happy Wednesday!As for me, I'm going to be busy when I get home. I need to bake another pumpkin pie, put turkey 1 into the brine bucket, spee
At once, it feels both like, "wow. Already Wednesday?" and "wow. How is it only Wednesday?"Is it that way for anyone else or just me?I feel like I've gotten a lot done, but have a lot more waiting ahe
Well, we've made it halfway through the week. Just another half to go and we'll be getting back to the weekend.I know I could use to fuel up for that last push with a bunch of bite-sized gaming storie
Time has been playing weird tricks this week, I feel. The first several days flew by. Thursday took an eternity. Now, today's doing a little bit of both. I feel like it should be later than it is, so
During the American Civil War, it wasn't terribly uncommon for two armies to be within several miles of one-another and barely know the other was there. This was a time before satellites and drones, a
Sometimes games just need to get themselves a little update. Old mechanics that worked at the time get to seem bulky or don't adequately cover what you want them to. New units surpass old ones in valu
Living in Atlanta, there's plenty of opportunity to learn about the events of the Civil War (just don't talk about that Sure-Man guy. That'll get you beat up). It was certainly a very tumultuous time
I hope everyone's weekend was as productive as mine was. And yes, "I relaxed and unwound from a busy week" can count as being productive. At least, I think so.But being Monday, it's back to the office
Hey everyone. To those in the Northeast, I hope you're ok and you're able to start digging out of the snow that landed on your doorstep. Here in Atlanta, we didn't have much trouble at all. In fact, i
We're just chugging right along in the week. We've already made it back here to Wednesday. Hopefully the week has been treating you well.As for us here, we've got another batch of bite-sized stories f
We keep chugging along, beautiful TGN readers. The week rolls by and we continue on as well. It's that time once more to bring you some bite-sized stories we've come across in the past few days.In thi
Gettysburg, along with Waterloo, is one of the most well-known battles in history. Scores of books have been written about the conflict. Well, Lost Battalion Games is running a Kickstarter for a new t
I don't know about the rest of you, but for me, the week is just flying by! Can you believe it's already Wednesday? I hardly can. Hopefully the week is going well for the rest of you. I know a lot of
Well, my real name is Jason, after all... *whistles innocently while hiding machete behind back*Anyway! We've got another bundle of bite-sized stories for you for today.In this grouping we've got: New is having a sale on their American Civil War line over in their webshop. Until March 1st, you can get these 15mm models at 15% off. Seems like an appropriate number.SourceFrom the announcem
It's another Sunday. Time for some more of the shorter, bite-sized stories that we've come across in the past couple days.Also, yesterday during D&D, our party almost blew up the world (or at least an
Escenografia Epsilon has a new 10mm barn terrain set available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:The new 10mm reference: Barns (2 units) are available in our web. This item is the first ref
Battle Brush Studios posted another review article on their website. This time it's the American Civil War Artillery Box from Perry Miniatures.ACW Artillery piecesACW Artillery SourceFrom the post:It
All the King's Men has released new conversion bits to make African American soldiers for their 54mm miniatures.SourceFrom the announcement:All the King's Men Toy Soldiers is pleased to announce separ
All the King's Men has several new 54mm Civilian Militia sets, for several different wars, available now over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:All the King's Men Toy Soldiers is pleased to anno
Steve Barber Models has released a new 28mm scale American Civil War Cannon over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:ACWA11 1x Wiard cannon (both 6pdr and 12pdr barrels included) £6.60(commissione
Assault Publishing is having a sale on their website for their 3mm Napoleonics and American Civil War infantry figures.SourceFrom the sales sheet:Assault Publishing runs the sale on 1/600 scale (3mm)
Xan Miniatures is a Spanish publisher that has a new line of American Civil War miniatures in 15mm.SourceFrom the release:Xan Miniatures, a Spanish producer, has just released a new range of 15mm ACW