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Across the Galaxy

A new chapters opens up in the Star Wars: Destiny game from Fantasy Flight. Across the Galaxy is now available down at your LGS and online. With a whole host of new cards and dice to add to your colle
The Across the Galaxy expansion for Star Wars: Destiny is soon to be hitting shelves. Players are getting their decks ready to be updated. But what new cards will they be putting in? In this preview,
Darth Vader. The whole Star Wars saga revolves around him, from his origins, through his rise and fall, to the fallout left by him and his progeny. He's a major player, and so, as you would expect, he
With the recent release of the latest set for Star Wars: Destiny, it's time to look ahead to the next one. In this case, it's Across the Galaxy. With a whole host of new characters, equipment, and upg