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Across the Dead Earth

Sure, I'm having myself a blast here at the CMON Expo, but that doesn't mean I'm too busy to take a bit of time to get you your Review Roundup this week. That just wouldn't be right. So let's get to i
It's hot outside.But what do I expect? I live in Atlanta.It would seem that the best thing to do would be to stay inside and play games. To help me out (and anyone else who might live in a place where
Dead Earth Games has begun taking orders for a new gang for their post-apocalyptic miniatures skirmish game, Across the Dead Earth. These are the The Engineers Forward Expeditionary Squad (or just "En
Dead Earth Games has some new supplemental material for Across the Dead Earth with the release of their "The Rough Guide to the Dead Earth" Issue 1. Besides, it's free to download, so why not check it
Dead Earth Games has announced a new gang for Across the Dead Earth, their post-apocalyptic sci-fi minis skirmish game. This time they're letting the ladies come out to play in force with the Sisters
Dead Earth Games has released their Across the Dead Earth sci-fi minis game. Go pick yourself up a copy from their webshop.SourceFrom the website:Following successful funding on Kickstarter back in Ap
Dead Earth Games is now taking pre-oders for their minis over in their SourceFrom the announcement:Following on from the success of their Kickstarter,
Dead Earth Games now has their Across The Dead Earth rulebook pdf available for your purchasing pleasure.I gotta say, I love the cover art.SourceFrom the release:The rules for post-apocalyptic skirmis
Dead Earth Games has just a week left in their Across the Dead Earth Kickstarter campaign. They're showing off some stretch goal art as well as the 3D render of their terrain piece add-on.SourceFrom t
Across the Dead Earth has made it up and over their initial goal on Kickstarter and are well on their way to some stretch-goal luvvin's.SourceFrom the campaign:Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish Wargame Across
Across The Dead Earth has launched their Kickstarter campaign. Go and pledge!SourceFrom the campaign:Across the Dead Earth is a forthcoming Post-Apocalyptic skirmish wargame from Dead Earth Games. Thr
Dead Earth Games is showing off some preliminary painted-up minis for their upcoming Across the Dead Earth skirmish game.SourceFrom the preview:Across the Dead Earth comes one step closer to reality w
Dead Earth Games has announced that they will start their Kickstarter campaign for Across the Dead Earth at the start of next month.SourceFrom the announcement:Dead Earth Game are pleased to announce