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Do any of you remember American Gladiators? I know they tried to bring it back just a few years ago, but it didn't quite work out. I remember watching reruns of the original series on USA Network during the summer. I always wanted to try out some of those games, like the one where the gladiator shoots tennis balls at the competitor, who fires back with oversized nerf weapons. While I'd like to try that, I'm not so sure I'd actually like to go fight against cybernetically enhanced Komodo dragons. Well, in real-life anyway. In an RPG, sure. Thankfully, Accessible Games has just such an expansion book for Psi-punk where I can go do that.
Monster Kart Mayhem, Accessible Games’ new Fudge™ System-compatible family-friendly kart-racing game, is now available on DriveThruRPG.



From the winner's circle:

In Monster Kart Mayhem, you’ll become a ghoulish racer and compete against your friends to find out who is the fastest monster in Transylvania. The going won’t be easy, since you’ll be fending off attacks from other racers and trying to avoid terrain that’s out to get you, but if you can cross the finish line first with your car intact you’ll be declared this year’s Monster Mash champion.

Create your own monster or pick from one of nine pre-generated vets, including: Abominable Snowman in his ice cream truck, Nessi in her big rig, El Cupacabra in his El Camino, and more. Each racer has their own unique Perks and Quirks which help or hinder them during the race, and a variety of different Power-Ups are at your disposal to help bomb, blast, shock, and otherwise outmaneuver your opponents.

Originally designed as a racing adventure for the Fudge RPG by Grey Ghost Press, Monster Kart Mayhem is now a standalone game—no other rulebooks are required. The GM-less game supports 2 to 6 players and is suitable for kids 8 and up, so it’s the perfect for family night as well as game night.

Monster Kart Mayhem has made it up and over their initial goal on Kickstarter. So it's on to stretch goals for the next 17 days.
They were also on "Fund or Fail."


From the update:

Designer Jacob Wood appeared on the most recent episode of "Fund or Fail," a Google Hangouts show about crowdfunding projects.

In the interview, Jacob discusses Monster Kart Mayhem, a family-friendly kart-racing game, which is currently on Kickstarter.

Jacob talks about the campaign, why he's making the game, how it got started, his goals for the campaign, and why he chose to go with Fudge for the game's system, among other things.

Monster Kart Mayhem has met its $1,000 funding goal and is on its way toward its first stretch goal, which features the Mermaid Adventures setting as an adventure pack in the kart-racing game.

Accessible Games puts you in the driver's seat with their new no-GM-needed RPG of kart racing goodness, Monster Kart Mayhem.


From the campaign:

Monster Kart Mayhem lets you choose or create your own racer and pit them against up to 5 friends and family in a speed race and battle royale of monstrous proportions. You’ll zip through 1,000 km of Transylvania’s harshest terrain, grab Power-Ups to attack your opponents or boost your own abilities, and try to avoid all of those obnoxious vampire chickens and zombie cows that get in your way.