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Academy Games

Academy Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Stellaris Infinite Legacy. It's a new board game based on the popular PC game. If you're looking to get out there among the stars and create your ow
Well, it's almost like the week is getting back on schedule, even though it's Saturday. I woke up. I got groceries. I'm now typing up the Review Roundup in my living room while listening to music and
Hey there, everyone. I hope you're enjoying your Saturday. Mine's not the greatest, as I'm driving back from visiting my parents. Not that visiting my parents is bad. But the 8.5 hour drive back home
Welcome to another Saturday, beautiful readers. We're in a bit of the "calm before the storm." The last weekend before Gen Con. I did some grocery shopping specifically for the trip (granola bars and
Hey everyone. Welcome to another Sunday Edition here on TGN.Now, some of you might've noticed that we ran Sunday Snippets on Saturday and are doing the Review Roundup here on Sunday.I'm... not entirel
Academy Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new board game, Fief - France 1429.They're already more than 2x funded, so it's stretch goals for the next 40 days.SourceFrom the campaign:F