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And we've successfully made it to Saturday. After the... incredible craziness that was this past week, I'm extremely thankful for just a low-key, simple Saturday. Once I'm done here I've got a Colossa
Sometimes a TV show just needs a reboot. I know a lot of people complain about how Hollywood is nothing but reboots and sequels. But I'm not as down on it. How do you know a reboot won't be better tha
The reboot. While some people say it's the death of Hollywood, sometimes the new version is better than the previous. It's got the same elements as the original, but with some new ideas behind it. Wel
Crooked Dice has their latest releases for 7TV available over in their webshop. This month's releases include a new deputy and a corporal, along with two scientific advisers. They all seem just a bit.
Crooked Dice gives you more programming options for 7TV with their latest releases.Argonauts Starter SetDaughters of SHIVA & KohnerResin Transit VanSolomon, King and Department X troopers SourceFrom t
Crooked Dice has their February releases for 7TV available now over in their webshop, including a pair of new starter boxes.SourceFrom the release:We have another pack of Federated Security (£9 for 3
Crooked Dice has their November releases now posted up on their website for you to check out.SourceFrom the announcement:Loads of releases this month! First, the metal: The Guru (new sculpt) and Kali
Crooked Dice has some new Robo-Minions available over in their webshop.Rosie the Maid they are not.SourceFrom the release:Robo-Minions are Ulysses Argo’s expendable minions. Captured humans have vario
Crooked Dice has a lot of new stuff to offer this month over in their webshop. Check it out.From the release:Lots of new rules and lead from Crooked Dice this month.FEDERATED SECURITY SUPPORTJuly sees
Crooked Dice has a new 7TV Programme Guide coming soon and it's all about the Heroes.From the update:Find out more about three of 7TV‘s most popular shows in this 128 page sourcebook. Inside you’ll fi
Crooked Dice has a new TV Programme Guide available for 7TV. The Beat, on sale now.... if one of these books slipped out of your fingers and it fell... would you drop the beat?From the guide:Our lates
Crooked Dice has added a new limited print run of For Ghouls and Colleges for 7ombieTV in their webshop. Go check it out.From the release:Crooked Dice have printed a limited run of their 7ombieTV supp
Crooked Dice has some new deals for the new year on their line of 7tv rules.From the announcement:Crooked Dice now have Starter, Bumper and Ultimate 7TV Deals available; each come with one or more rul
Crooked Dice now has their next programme guide available for 7tv: The Man From 2000.From the release:The latest 7TV Programme Guide from Crooked Dice is now in their web store.This volume turns back
Crooked Dice isn't going to be left out of the Halloween fun. They've released their 7ombieTV expansion book over on their website.From the release:Just in time for Halloween, this 7ombieTV supplement
Crooked Dice has themselves a new website and to celebrate, they're having a sale.From the update:Our winged code monkeys have been working tirelessly in our HTML mines and fixing the dodgy wheels on
Crooked Dice has yet another programme (British spelling is so humorous... I mean, humourous, isn't it?) guide available for 7TV: S.H.I.V.A.From the update:Crooked Dice's second Programme Guide is out