7th Sea

7th Sea: War of the Cross Board Game Up On Kickstarter

This is one that, I'm sure, will catch people's attention.
The folks behind the original Legend of the Five Rings game have teamed up to bring you a board game set in the 7th Sea universe. Players will take control of one of the warring nations, who have been going at it for 30 years, in order to finally put the conflict to an end. Through the use of diplomacy and force of arms, only one will be able to bring the war to conclusion and rule.
The game is up on Kickstarter now.

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7th Sea: Second Edition Up On Kickstarter

Shiver me timbers! Yo, ho, ho! And a bottle of rum!
We had the news a while ago about the 7th Sea license and how things played out with AEG. Well, John Wick has launched his Kickstarter campaign for a 2nd edition of the 7th Sea RPG. For those that don't know, 7th Sea takes inspiration from places like the Three Musketeers and The Princess Bride and brings all that swashbuckling action to your tabletop.

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AEG To Sell Back 7th Sea Game License to John Wick Presents

AEG has announced that they have entered into a deal with John Wick Presents to sell back the publication rights for the 7th Sea game line. This is not to say that AEG will suddenly cut all production for any 7th Sea lines currently in the works. They will continue to release products for the IP over the next several years. There are further negotiations for those as well. But yes, John Wick, one of the original creators of the 7th Sea world and its original products will be getting back the license to make games.

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