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Midweek Snippets

We continue to move forward, not backward, upward, not forward, and always whirling, whirling, twirling towards the weekend. We might also be dizzy now...
Anyway, we have made it halfway through the week. And someone brought a giant bag stuffed with candy and put it in the break room here. So, while I can't give you a "fun-size" Kit-Kat through the screen (I tried, but then I has to go clean my monitor), I can give you some bite-size gaming stories.

So, for today we have: H.E.A.D. Hunters Coming to Kickstarter This Fall, Unity: A Brand New Indie RPG on the Horizon, New Fire Forge themed bases Available From Dark Art Miniatures, Pipmen Playing Cards (Relaunch) On Kickstarter, Rockabilly Heads Now Available From Tabletop-Art, Golem Miniatures shop is online, New Multi-Mini Deal From Nexus Miniatures, North Star Military Figures Takes Over Day-to-Day Activities of Copplestone Castings, Winter War: Free Combat Patrol supplement for 1939 Russo-Finnish War From Sally 4th, New Stygian Torsos Available From Bits of War, Lands of Ruin Kickstarter reaches the funding goal, and Final Day for Battle Arena Show On Kickstarter.

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Lands of Ruin Up On Kickstarter

Through games such as Golem Arcana, the XCOM board game, and others such like them, the digital world has started to make its way into our tabletop world. Apps have started taking on some of the burden of playing a tabletop game. There have been many new advances and innovations that have come from bringing in such electronic pieces to the game. Well, Lands of Ruin is looking to do that, but to an extent I've not really seen before. No, it's definitely not a video game with miniatures. It's a miniatures game with a very integrated app.

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