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I mean, I realize they're a vital part of the ecological system and all, but I'd prefer if they didn't come invading into my apartment. However, as bad as seeing something scurry across your kitchen floor in the pale moonlight may be, it is nothing compared to the bugs one comes across in the depths of space. For those, you'd best get out your plasma rifle. I don't think a tennis shoe will suffice.
That's the type of thing you'll be fighting in 5150: Bugs: Into the Tunnels, a new minis game that's a team-up between Two Hour Wargames and Acheson Creations. The game's up on Kickstarter now.
2 Hour Wargames has created a new companion book to their 5150 Star Army - 2nd Tour game. It's 5150 Star Marine and it gives you the chance to play a skirmish game using the same rules. Make your way onto enemy ships during daring boarding actions, conduct raids on enemy camps planetside, and watch out for those aliens.
Two Hour WarGames announces 5150: New Beginnings on PDF.

From their announcement:



In 5150: New Beginnings you're thrust into a bustling, living urban environment hundreds of years in the future. Or maybe it's just a place far, far away. In any case, your goal is to take your characters; we call them Stars, as far as they can go. Acquire wealth, fight crime, commit crime, or something in between; it's all up to you. Want to be an interplanetary smuggler or how about a bounty hunter? Yep, you can be that. Want to feel the rush of jacking up your body with the latest technology and running on the edge. Oh yeah baby, this is the place.
Two Hour Wargames have posted two new design articles explaining some of the mechanics used in their upcoming 5150: New Beginnings sci-fi skirmish game. Discuss
Two Hour Wargames have posted a battle report showcasing their upcoming 5150: New Beginnings rules. From their announcement:
We have just posted a Bat Rep for the upcoming 5150: New Beginnings coming out next month. NB is the companion to 5150: Star Army. Totally compatible yet different. How are they different? Think Starship Troopers and Blade Runner.