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Bugs.I mean, I realize they're a vital part of the ecological system and all, but I'd prefer if they didn't come invading into my apartment. However, as bad as seeing something scurry across your kitc
2 Hour Wargames has created a new companion book to their 5150 Star Army - 2nd Tour game. It's 5150 Star Marine and it gives you the chance to play a skirmish game using the same rules. Make your way
Two Hour WarGames announces 5150: New Beginnings on PDF. From their announcement:5150: NEW BEGINNINGS NOW SHIPPING!“NEW HOPE CITY, WHERE EVERYONE GETS A SECOND CHANCE.”In 5150: New Beginnings you're
Two Hour Wargames have posted two new design articles explaining some of the mechanics used in their upcoming 5150: New Beginnings sci-fi skirmish game. IGOUGO versus the THW System 5150: New Beginni
Two Hour Wargames have posted a battle report showcasing their upcoming 5150: New Beginnings rules. From their announcement: We have just posted a Bat Rep for the upcoming 5150: New Beginnings coming