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4TK Gaming

4Tk Gaming has just made Ultimate Commander (UC IV) live on its website and tickets for this 2 day Warhammer 40000 tournament:
4TK Gaming Announces Winter Open Day:From their announcement:SANTA IS COMING. Well not just yet but the next best thing is 4TK Gaming Winter Open Day Saturday 3rd Dec4TK Gaming will be having an open
4TK Gaming announce a new website:From their annouoncement:Easy to navigate and designed by Tabletop gamers for the tabletop gamers 4TK Gaming is proud to announce the launch of its new website, http:
4TK Gaming is having a 40k Doubles Tournament in Essex on Sunday Aug 21st. From their announcement: 4TK Gaming - Clash Of generals Premier 1 Day Doubles Swiss Tournament Details : Sign up web site
4TK Gaming will be holding a one day 40k tournament on 15th May in Essex UK. From their announcement: Clash Of generals 1750pts 4Tk Gaming Premier 1 Day Swiss Tournament Tournament Date: 15th May 201