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1985 Games

"More options!" Every gamer wants that for their RPG character. And if you're a spellcaster, that goes doubly so, as far as I've seen. Well, 1985 Games is here to help with their Spells Beta 1.1 set o
Halfway through the week already. Never gonna hear me complain about that. I'm always ready for a weekend. But if we're going to keep our strength up for the second half of the week, we should nosh on
Thursday. I feel like I've got a handle on this Thursday, even if I can't use my right thumb still. But it's all good. The weekend will be here before we know it. And then, a couple days of just relax
Lots of things happen during an RPG session and it's a good idea to keep notes. And, sure, you can just grab any piece of paper, but with so much going on, it'd be helpful to have a notebook designed
1985 Games is taking pre-orders for a pair of new books as well as five new battlemats in their webshop. Castles & Keeps is as it says, with plenty of rules for defending and attacking castles. Cu