TAG release Italian Renaissance figure

The Assault Group have released several packs of 28mm Italian Renaissance miniatures.

Maximilian Guards

From their website:

With a view to our forthcoming price increase, it has become somewhat of an article of faith that i work as hard as I can to get all the current unreleased ‘greens’ on the web-cart and into production before the deadline. It seems a bit of a fraud to tease people with pictures of new miniatures for their armies and then hold them back until after the rise goes in.

So this weeks release clears the decks of new 28mm miniatures, we have more in pre-production due for release across the summer months, but for now this is what we have.

Five new packs of Renaissance miniatures, four Italian and one Imperial German for the Great Italian Wars section of our expanding Spanish Century line, the full details are as follows;

  • REN333 Italian Pikemen advancing with pike/pole-weapon at 85 degrees
  • REN334 Italian Pikemen advancing with pike/pole-weapon at 75 degrees
  • REN335 Italians loading arquebus
  • REN336 Italians firing arquebus
  • REN337 Maximilian Guards